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Seminario Luca Berardinelli : Modeling, Provisioning, and Testing of IoT/Cloud-based Cyber Physical System under Uncertainty

Title: Modeling, Provisioning, and Testing of IoT/Cloud-based Cyber Physical System under Uncertainty Abstract: The engineering process of IoT/Cloud platforms is a challenging and multidisciplinary activity.  Adopted and deployed as part of various crucial cyber physical systems, such as smart factories (Industry 4.0), smart cities and healthcare, IoT cloud platforms consist of a mix of cloud services and IoT elements, e.g., for sensor management, near-realtime event handling, and data analytics.  Engineers need methodologies and tools for design, deployment, control, governance and analytics to test and evaluate designs of system components and optimize the operation of different design configurations.  In this talk, we show a model-driven engineering (MDE) approach...

Seminario “Microsoft Azure - Big Data & Analytics Solutions”

Il Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze dell’informazione e Matematica (DISIM) dell’Università dell’Aquila, in collaborazione con la start-up Gunpowder s.r.l., nell’ambito del Corso professionalizzante “Salesforce Certified”, “Scrum Developer” e “Microsoft Azure - Big Data Analytics Solutions” offre ai propri studenti la possibilità di partecipare al seguente seminario: “Microsoft Azure - Big Data & Analytics Solutions” Il seminario si svolgerà lunedì 19 giugno 2017 e verrà tenuto da Microsoft Italia. Al seminario interverranno come docenti: ‎Andrea Benedetti: Director of Technical Evangelism - Microsoft; Lorenzo Casucci: Cloud Solution Architect - Data...