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This web page wants to provide guidelines to worldwide students interested to study Computer Science at the University of L'Aquila, Italy. The page is organized so to provide information about our University and Department, and the main possibilites we can offer for students' mobility.

The main possibilities are listed below:

  • GSEEM - Global Software Engineering European Master: 1 year study in a GSEEM partner, 1 year study in Italy, receiving a  Double Degree in Computer Science.
  • EURECA - Erasmus Mundus - External Cooperation Window with Asia (Lot 12, Asia 1): EURECA is a EU funded project for Asian students mobility in Italy and other EU Universities
  • EUROWEB - Erasmus Mundus with Western Balkans
  • Erasmus LLP - SM: student mobility

GSEEM - Global Software Engineering European Master

GSEEM is an international Master Degree in Software Engineering provided by a consortium of 4 EU Universities:

  • UDA: University of L'Aquila, Italy
  • MdH: Mälardalen University, Sweden
  • VU: VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • WU: University of Westminster, UK

The GSEEM core team comprises several internationally known researchers and educators in Software Engineering with a proven track record of publications, involvement in EU projects, Erasmus/Socrates, industrial and international collaboration. A student, enrolled in one of the 4 Universities in the consortium, spends one year in his/her home University, and the second year at a different University. The successful GSEEM students (after completing 60 ECTS in the home and 60 ECTS in the second University), receive Double Masters Degrees from the universities attended.

GSEEM forsees three formative profiles:

  • Software Architecting (SA)
  • Real Time embedded Systems Engineering (RT)
  • Web Systems and Services Engineering (WS)

University of l’Aquila contributes to the "Software Architecting" profile.

Who can participate

Whoever with a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent subjects with a minimum of 180 ECTS or equivalent can be enrolled to the GSEEM program.  Proven competence in both written and spoken English are required.

For further information

 EUROWEB - Erasmus Mundus action 2 -  Westerns Balkans


EURECA - Erasmus Mundus - External Cooperation Window with Asia (Lot 12,  Asia 1)

The EURECA project, funded by the European commission, aims to establish a Eurasian academic mobility Network, for achieving excellence in research and education, with special focus on Information technology, Engineering, and Management in a global context, by identifying key themes for cooperation, leveraging on the complementary competencies and providing synergies essential for the progress and mutual benefit of the targeted Asian countries as well as the European Union. The consortium comprises of 16 prominent educational institutions ( 9 from Europe and 7 from Asia) and is coordinated by Mälardalen University, Sweden.

The students who undergo this program are expected to be the future champions of industrial development and research excellence in the global context. The consortium partners have special competencies/ requirements in the study areas such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business studies and Management Sciences, and will pay special attention to the mobility needs in these identified thematic fields.

EURECA partners

European partners Asian partners
Mälardalen University(MDU), Sweden ( Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham(AVV), Ettimadi, India (
Sofia University(SU), Bulgaria ( Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management- Kerala (IIITM-K), India (
University of L'Aquila(UDA), Italy ( Indian Institute of Technology- Kanpur(IITK), India (
University of Limerick(UL), Ireland ( Institute of Engineering-Tribhuvan University (IOE), Nepal (
University of Paderborn(UPB), Germany ( Lahore University of Management Sciences(LUMS), Pakistan (
University of Turku(UTU), Finland ( University of Colombo(CMB), Sri Lanka (
University of York(UOY), UK ( XLRI School of Business & Human Resources (XLRI), India (
Uppsala University(UU), Sweden (  
VU University Amsterdam(VUA), Netherlands (  

For further information

 I2CoST - the Indo-Italian Master Degree in Computer Science and Technology

The partners of the I2CoST consortium are the Amrita University, India (, and the University of L'Aquila, Italy ( See...

Erasmus LLP - SM (student mobility)

The LLP/Erasmus program allows EU students to spend a period of study (from 3 to 12 months) to another EU University participating to the program. Students can attend courses in our University, to use our University labs and infrastructures, and to get the exams recognized by the home University. No extra fee (other than the home university one) is required.

Who can participate

You can benefit of an Erasmus LLP - SM (student mobility) grant by checking with you University if an Erasmus LLP agreement is active with the University lf L'Aquila. If it is, then you can ask to your international office how to participate to the selection process. If it does not, then your University shall first start an Eramus LLP program with our University. Both bachelor, master, and doc students can participate to an Erasmus LLP - SM (student mobility) program.

For further information