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Teachers - Computer Science Area

Below is a list of all our lecturers. Further details are available by clicking on each name. Cannot find the person you're looking for? This list shows the teachers of any currently active course in our staff. Click here to see the list of the teachers of any current (also not active) course .

Surname Name Phone no. Email Courses CV


Alesii Giuseppe 0862433156 galesiiatunivaqdotit [F0157] Mod. e Alg. per la Finanza Aziendale I  [F3I]  [F4I]
[F0993] Mod. e Alg. per la Finanza Aziendale II  [F3I]  [F4I]
Amadori Debora amadoriatunivaqdotit [DT0002] Analisi Mat.  [F3I]
[I0195] Analisi Mat. I  [I3N]
[DT0013] Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior  [F4M]  [I4W]
[DT0013] Mathematical Models for Collective Behaviour  [I4W]
Arbib Claudio ClaudiodotArbibatunivaqdotit [DT0220] Optimisation Models and Algorithms  [I4W]
[F0141] Ottimizzazione Combinatoria  [F3I]
Autili Marco 0862 433186 marcodotautiliatunivaqdotit [F1I021] Lab. di Sist. Operativi  [F3I]
[DT0203] Service-Oriented Software Engineering  [F4I]


Caianiello Pasquale 0862 433724 PasqualedotCaianielloatunivaqdotit [DT0171] Artificial Intelligence  [F4I]
[DT0176] Machine Learning  [F3I]  [F4I]
Cassioli Dajana +390862434452 dajanadotcassioliatunivaqdotit [DT0185] Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels  [I4T]
[F0160] Advanced Computer Networks: Internetworking  [F4I]
Cortellessa Vittorio 0862-433165 VittoriodotCortellessaatunivaqdotit [DT0291] Advanced Models for Software Engineering I
[F0174] Software Engineering II  [F4I]
[F1I020] Sist. Operativi  [F3I]
[DT0204] Software Quality Engineering  [F4I]
Costantini Stefania +39 0862 433135 StefaniadotCostantiniatunivaqdotit [F0070] Intelligent Agents  [F3I]  [F4I]
[F1I015] Basi di Dati  [F3I]
[DT0210] Description Logics and Web Ontologies  [F4I]
[DT0172] Intelligent Autonomous Agents  [F3I]  [F4I]


De Gasperis Giovanni giovannidotdegasperisatunivaqdotit [DT0121] Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory  [F4I]
Della Penna Giuseppe 0862 433740 GiuseppedotDellaPennaatunivaqdotit [F0162] Ingegneria del Web  [F3I]  [F4I]
[DT0209] Sviluppo Web Avanzato  [F3I]  [F4I]
Di Marco Antinisca (+39) 0862 43 3178 antiniscadotdimarcoatunivaqdotit [DS9001] Bioinformatica  [F3I]  [F4I]
Di Ruscio Davide DavidedotDiruscioatunivaqdotit [DT0227] Software Engineering for Autonomous Systems  [F4I]
Di Salle Amleto amletodotdisalleatunivaqdotit [F1081] Appl. per Dispositivi Mobili  [F3I]  [F4I]


Engel Klaus engelatingdotunivaqdotit [DT0002] Analisi Mat.  [F3I]
[I0195] Analisi Mat. I  [I3N]
Eramo Romina rominadoteramoatdidotunivaqdotit [F0163] Object-Oriented Software Design  [F3I]


Felici Giovanni giovannidotfeliciatiasidotcnrdotit [DT0179] Data Driven Decision  [F4I]
Flammini Michele 0862 433730 MicheledotFlamminiatunivaqdotit [F0150] Teoria della Calcolabilità e Complessità  [F3I]
Forlizzi Luca 0862433722 LucadotForlizziatunivaqdotit [F1I010] Lab. di Arch. degli Elaboratori  [F3I]


Gabrielli Davide gabriellatunivaqdotit [DT0003] Calcolo delle Probabilità e Statistica Mat.  [F3I]
[DT0128] Probability e Stochastic Processes 1  [F4M]
Guerrieri Anna [DT0122] Advanced Algebra 1  [F4M]
[FN] Mat. Discreta I  [F3I]


Inverardi Paola paoladotinverardiatunivaqdotit [F1I057] Fond. di Programmazione  [F3I]


Marottoli Maria Silvia msilviamarottoliatgmaildotcom [I0662] English language level B1  [I3N]
[F0633] English Language Level B1  [F3I]
[DT0276] English language level B2  [F3I]
[I0592] English Language level B2  [I4I]  [I4T]
Mauro Antonio infoatantoniomaurodotit [000000] Informatica forense  [F3I]  [F4I]
Melideo Giovanna +39 0862 433729 GiovannadotMelideoatunivaqdotit [F1I013] Lab. di Alg. e Strutture Dati  [F3I]
Mignosi Filippo FilippodotMignosiatunivaqdotit [DT0211] Information Retrieval  [F4I]
[DT0008] Principi e Paradigmi di Programmazione  [F3I]
[F0158] Teoria dell'Informazione  [F3I]  [F4I]
Monaco Gianpiero 0862 433142 gianpierodotmonacoatunivaqdotit [DS9003] Information Systems and Network Security  [F3I]  [F4I]
[DT0175] Social Networks  [F4I]
Muccini Henry 0862 433721 henrydotmucciniatdidotunivaqdotit [F0175] Analysis and Testing of Component-based Systems  [F4I]
[F1I018] Ing. del Software  [F3I]
[DT0229] Research Project  [F4I]
[DT0169] Software Architectures  [F4I]


Nesi Monica 0862 433728 monicadotnesiatunivaqdotit [DT0202] Formal Methods
[F0060] Informatica  [F3M]
[F1I056] Lab. di Programmazione I  [F3I]


Orefice Sergio SergiodotOreficeatunivaqdotit [F0196] Foundations of Computer Science II  [F4I]
[DT0275] Lab. di Compilatori  [F3I]
[F0151] Ling. di Programmazione e Compilatori  [F3I]
[DT0269] Teoria dei Ling.  [F3I]  [F4I]


Paris Giuliano giulianoparisatalicedotit [F0159] Reti di calcolatori Evolute: Architetture  [F4I]
Perucci Alexander alexanderdotperucciatgraduatedotunivaqdotit [F1I057] Fond. di Programmazione  [F3I]
Petricola Alberto albertodotpetricolaatunivaqdotit [F0144] Reti di Calcolatori  [F3I]
Pierantonio Alfonso AlfonsodotPierantonioatunivaqdotit [DT0292] Advanced Models for Software Engineering II
[F0193] Model Driven Engineering  [F4I]
[F0149] Tecn. del Web  [F3I]
Pierini Pierluigi 0862344783 pierluigidotpieriniatintecsdotit [F1I016] Lab. di Basi di Dati  [F3I]
Proietti Guido 0862 433727 GuidodotProiettiatunivaqdotit [F1I012] Alg. e Strutture Dati  [F3I]
[DT0168] Distributed Systems  [F4I]
[DT0174] Non-cooperative networks  [F4I]
[DT0166] Web Algorithms  [F4I]


Rossi Fabrizio 0862433139 fabriziodotrossiatunivaqdotit [DT0177] Data Analytics  [F4I]
[DT0059] Network Flows
[DT0215] Network optimisation  [I4W]
[DT0060] Network Optimization  [I4T]
[DT0060] Network Optimization  [F4I]


Scoppola Carlo scoppolaatunivaqdotit [DT0044] Algebra mod. I  [F3M]
[DT0045] Algebra mod. II  [F3M]
[DT0096] Mat. di Base  [F3I]
Smriglio Stefano StefanodotSmriglioatunivaqdotit [F1I017] Ricerca Operativa  [F3I]
[FN] Process and Operations Scheduling  [F4I]  [I4W]


Tivoli Massimo +393280113365 MassimodotTivoliatunivaqdotit [DT0289] Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering  [F4I]
[F1I005] Arch. degli Elaboratori  [F3I]
[DT0228] Introduction to research
Tozzi Anna annadottozziatunivaqdotit [F0513] Istituzioni Di Geometria Superiore I  [F3M]
[FN] Mat. Discreta II  [F3I]
Triacca Umberto umbertodottriaccaatunivaqdotit [DT0003] Calcolo delle Probabilità e Statistica Mat.  [F3I]
[DT0104] Time Series And Prediction  [F4M]  [I4W]


Vellante Massimo +39 0862 433079 massimodotvellanteataquiladotinfndotit [F0143] Fisica  [F3I]