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Below is a list of all our lecturers. Further details are available by clicking on each name. Cannot find the person you're looking for? This list shows all the teachers currently working in this department . Click here to see the list of teachers of any currently active course or the list of teachers of any current (also not active) course .

Surname Name Contact info Courses CV


Alesii Giuseppe
Email: galesiiatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433156
Office hours: Wed 10:00-12:00
[DT0321] Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions I  [F3I]  [F4I]
[DT0322] Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions II  [F3I]  [F4I]
[DT0320] Mod. e Alg. per la Finanza Aziendale  [F3I]  [F4I]
Alesii Roberto
Email: robertodotalesiiatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0196] Laboratory of SDR, SDN and IoT  [I4T]
Amadori Debora
Email: amadoriatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0013] Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior  [F4M]  [I4W]
[DT0013] Mathematical Models for Collective Behaviour  [I4W]
Antonelli Cristian
Email: cristiandotantonelliatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433027
Office hours: Mon 15:00-17:00 ,
   Wed 15:00-17:00
[DT0194] Photonic Networks  [I4T]
Antonelli Fabio
Email: fabiodotantonelliatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433151
Office hours: Tue 13:00-15:00
[I0643] Calcolo Delle Probabilit√†  [I3N]
[DT0133] Stochastic models and applications  [F4M]
Arbib Claudio
Email: ClaudiodotArbibatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 14:30-15:25 ,
   Wed 11:30-12:30
[DT0220] Optimisation Models and Algorithms  [I4W]
[F0141] Ottimizzazione Combinatoria  [F3I]
Autili Marco
Email: marcodotautiliatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 433186
Office hours: Thu 16:00-17:00
[F1I021] Lab. di Sist. Operativi  [F3I]
[DT0203] Service - Oriented Software Engineering  [F4I]


Bedulli Lucio
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0118] Advanced Geometry 1  [F4M]
[DT0119] Advanced Geometry 2  [F4M]
[F1195] Istituzioni Di Geometria Superiore I  [F3M]
Biancofiore Aldo
Office hours: Tue 14:30-16:30
Borri Alessandro
Email: alessandrodotborriatiasidotcnrdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[I2I036] Modellistica E Simulazione  [I4I]
Buccella Concettina
Email: concettinadotbuccellaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[I0536] Elettrotecnica  [I3N]
[DT0148] Introduzione alla Elettrotecnica  [F3M]
[DT0332] Modellistica Di Sist. Elettrici E Di Elettronica Di Potenza  [I3N]
Bucci Giovanni
Office hours: by appointment
[I0651] Misure Elettroniche  [I3N]


Caianiello Pasquale
Email: PasqualedotCaianielloatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 433724
Office hours: Tue 14:30-16:30
[DT0171] Artificial Intelligence  [F4I]
[DT0176] Machine Learning  [F4I]
Cappelli Mauro
Email: maurodotcappelliateneadotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0258] Lab. di ingegneria e tecnologia dei sistemi di controllo  [I3N]
Carelli Pasquale
Office hours: by appointment
[I0565] Electronic Devices  [I4W]
[F0501] Fisica II  [F3M]
Cassioli Dajana
Email: dajanadotcassioliatunivaqdotit
Tel: +390862434452
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0185] Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels  [I4T]
[DT0042] Advanced Computer Networks: Internetworking  [F4I]
Cecati Carlo
Email: carlodotcecatiatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 10:00-12:00
[DT0097] Elettronica Industriale per L'Automazione e l'Energia  [I4I]
Ceccarelli Luisa
Office hours: by appointment
[F0019] English Language Level A2  [F3M]
Cicerone Serafino
Office hours: Tue 15:00-17:00
[I0339] Ingegneria Del Software  [I4I]
[I1I024] Programmazione Per Il Web  [I3N]
Cimini Domenico
Email: domenicodotciminiatimaadotcnrdotit
Office hours: Thu 15:00-17:00
[DT0190] Telerilevamento  [I4T]
Cimoroni Maria Gabriella
Email: mariagabrielladotcimoroniatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Thu 11:30-13:30
[DT0021] Analisi Numerica  [F3M]
[DT0021] Analisi Numerica
[I0644] Analisi Numerica E Complementi Di Mat.  [I3N]
Ciotti Piero
Office hours: by appointment
[I0652] Electromagnetic Fields  [I3N]
Clementini Eliseo
Office hours: by appointment
[I0265] Fond. Di Informatica  [I3N]
Coccia Mimi
Email: mimidotcocciaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[I0671] Principles of structural and cell biochemistry  [I4W]
Colangeli Matteo
Email: matteodotcolangeli1atunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 434718
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0254] Kinetic and hydrodynamic models  [F4M]  [I4W]
Cortellessa Vittorio
Email: VittoriodotCortellessaatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862-433165
Office hours: Thu 9:00-11:00
[DT0319] Advanced Verification and Validation  [F4I]
[F0174] Software Engineering II  [F4I]
[F1I020] Sist. Operativi  [F3I]
[DT0204] Software Quality Engineering  [F4I]
Costantini Stefania
Email: StefaniadotCostantiniatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 433135
Office hours: Wed 14:30-16:00
[F0070] Intelligent Agents  [F3I]  [F4I]
[F0137] Basi di Dati  [F3I]
[DT0210] Description Logics and Web Ontologies  [F4I]
[DT0172] Intelligent Autonomous Agents  [F3I]  [F4I]


D'Ambrosio Raffaele
Email: raffaeledotdambrosioatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0307] Numerical Methods For Differential Equations  [F4M]
[DT0312] Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation  [I4W]
D'Emidio Mattia
Email: mattiadotdemidioatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0317] Big Data Models And Algorithms  [F4I]
D'innocenzo Alessandro
Email: alessandrodotdinnocenzoatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 434473
Office hours: by appointment
[I0062] Control systems  [I4W]
[I00000] Modellistica e controllo di reti di telecomunicazioni  [I4I]  [I4T]
De Gasperis Giovanni
Email: giovannidotdegasperisatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 14:00-15:00
[DT0201] Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory  [F3I]  [F4I]
De Masi Anna
Email: annadotdemasiatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 433157
Office hours: Mon 13:30-15:30
[DT0028] Calcolo delle probabilit√† B  [F3M]
[DT0129] Probability and Stochastic Processes 2  [F4M]
De Santis Elena
Office hours: Tue 15:00-17:00
Della Penna Giuseppe
Email: GiuseppedotDellaPennaatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 433740
Office hours: Wed 15:00-17:00
[F1I016] Lab. di Basi di Dati  [F3I]
[DT0209] Sviluppo Web Avanzato  [F3I]  [F4I]
[DT0180] Web Engineering  [F3I]  [F4I]
Di Benedetto Maria Domenica
Office hours: Thu 11:00-13:00
[I0029] Controlli Automatici  [I3N]
Di Felice Paolino
Office hours: by appointment
[I0643] Basi Di Dati  [I3N]
[I2I007] Basi Di Dati II  [I4I]
Di Francesco Marco
Tel: 0862 434712
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0026] Functional analysis  [F3M]
[DT0262] Biomathematics  [F4M]  [I4W]
[DT0262] Biomathematics  [I4W]
[I0051] Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering  [I4W]
Di Gennaro Stefano
Email: stefanodotdigennaroatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862434461
Office hours: Mon 14:00-15:00 ,
   Tue 14:00-15:00
[I0650] Ingegneria e Tecnologia dei Sist. di Controllo  [I3N]
[I0667] Nonlinear Systems  [I4I]
Di Giampaolo Emidio
Office hours: by appointment
[I0267] Antennas and Microwaves  [I4T]  [I3N]
Di Marco Antinisca
Email: antiniscadotdimarcoatunivaqdotit
Tel: (+39) 0862 43 3178
Office hours: Tue 16:00-17:5 ,
   Fri 10:00-11:00
[DS9001] Bioinformatica  [F3I]  [F4I]
Di Ruscio Davide
Email: DavidedotDiruscioatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0227] Software Engineering for Autonomous Systems  [F4I]
Di Salle Amleto
Email: amletodotdisalleatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Thu 16:30-18:30 ,
   Fri 11:00-13:00
[F1081] Appl. per Dispositivi Mobili  [F3I]  [F4I]
Di Stefano Gabriele
Office hours: Thu 15:00-17:00
[I0647] Programmazione Ad Oggetti  [I3N]
[I2I040] Computer Networks  [I3N]
Donatelli Donatella
Email: donatelladotdonatelliatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433161
Office hours: Mon 16:00-18:00
[DT0020] Analisi Mat. B  [F3M]
[DT0247] Mathematical fluid dynamics  [I4W]
[DT0247] Mathematical fluid dynamics  [F4M]


Engel Klaus
Email: engelatingdotunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 12:30-14:00 ,
   Fri 10:00-11:30
[DT0002] Analisi Mat.  [F3I]
[I0195] Analisi Mat. I  [I3N]