Fabrizio Rossi is full professor of Operations Research at the Università degli Studi dell'Aquila. His research focuses on modeling and solving large-scale optimization problems. In the optimization domain, specific research areas are Integer Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Network Optimization and Scheduling. His activity mainly concentrates on methods for finding provably good solutions to computationally hard combinatorial problems. Developed techniques have been successfully applied to various industrial problems arising in telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics and biology.

Office Hours (Ricevimento Studenti)

  • Monday 10.00-13.00 (on Teams)
  • Wednesday 10.30-13.30

The Power of Algorithms

The Power of Algorithms Book Cover

Inspiration and Examples in Everyday Life

With so many everyday activities governed by algorithmic principles, the power, precision, reliability and speed of execution demanded by users have transformed the design and construction of algorithms from a creative, artisanal activity into a full-fledged science in its own right.

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Solving Steiner Triple Covering problems

Despite nearly 40 years of exponential growth in processing power, combined with even greater advances in integer programming methodology, small instances in the sts family still pose exceptional challenges to state-of-the-art integer programming software.

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Prof. Rossi Office Hours July, 3rd

Today's office hours are on Teams from 12:00 to 13:00. ...

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