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Giuseppe Alesii

corporate finance, financial management, real options, financial structure, derivatives, asset pricing
05 Finanza Aziendale
SECS-P/09 - Finanza aziendale
Mathematics and Applications

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Giuseppe Alesii has been a student of financial management since 1986 when he attended a course in corporate finance at LUISS University, Rome, Italy. He is still searching for answers to the basic problems in corporate finance:

how much should I borrow ?

how much should I pay out as dividends of my annual income?

how should I choose my investment projects?

how should I value a listed security?

my courses deal with some topics within these fundamental questions. And I'm pursuing some research in these areas.

Models and Algorithms for Financial Management

Students willing to attend Models and Algorithms for Financial Management Course are required to install on their PC a temporary license of the programming launguage GAUSS of ...

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