I was born in Salerno in 1982 and I am Full Professor of Numerical Analysis at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics, University of L'Aquila. I am currently the President of the Mathematical Engineering teaching board.

My research interests principally regard the numerical modeling for deterministic and stochastic evolutive problems, with special emphasis to geometric numerical integration. Specifically:

  • structure-preserving numerical integration of deterministic and stochastic evolutionary problems (linear and non-linear oscillators; Hamiltonian problems; dissipative problems);
  • linear and nonlinear stability of deterministic and stochastic numerical methods;
  • adapted numerical methods for partial differential equations;
  • numerical integration of deterministic and stochastic problems with memory (Volterra integral equations, fractional differential equations);
  • numerical collocation techniques;
  • exponential/trigonometrical numerical schemes for oscillatory problems;
  • numerical schemes for stiff problems free from order reduction;
  • numerical modeling of chemical oscillators;
  • numerical modeling of fake news diffusion. 
DISIM New Faculty Seminars - May 15, 2024

DISIM New Faculty Seminars is a welcoming initiative for new members who have recently enrolled at DISIM, offering an opportunity to introduce themselves and summarize some ...

Annullamento lezione "Analisi Numerica" - CdL in Matematica - (prof. R. D'Ambrosio) del giorno 7 Maggio 2024

La lezione dell'insegnamento "Analisi Numerica" (CdL in Matematica - prof. R. D'Ambrosio), prevista per il giorno 7 Maggio 2024, è annullata.  Cordialmente R. ...

Lectures of "Numerical methods for differential equations" scheduled on March 18 and 20

The lectures of "Numerical methods for differential equations" (Proff. D'Ambrosio and Scalone), scheduled on March, 18 and March, 20, are cancelled. Sincerely yours prof. ...

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