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Channel Didactics

The following list shows all the news published in section 'Didactics' in the last 4 months and relative to the current didactic area. Warning: some news attachments may be no more valid. To read only the current news, go to the 'Didactics' section page.

Course Intelligent Autonomous Agents (Modulo)

======================== Istruzioni per l'esame: ======================== 1) Collegarsi a Teams (che tutti sappiamo usare) per l'appello e il riconoscimento    Join the Team Meeting that I will initiate for the exam session 2) Se siamo troppi passeremo su Webex (if we are too many, we will shift to Webex) 3) Il testo del compito verra' distribuito, e poi la foto dell'elaborato scritto    andra' fotografato e consegnato inserendolo in una cartella OneDrive dedicata    (the text of the assignment will be distributed, at the end you will put     a photograph of it in a dedicated OneDrive folder) 4) Dopo la consegna, verra' annunciata la data di eventuali orali, e registrazione    (after collecting the...