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News Archive - Computer Science Area

Channel Didactics

The following list shows all the news published in section 'Didactics' in the last 4 months and relative to the current didactic area. Warning: some news attachments may be no more valid. To read only the current news, go to the 'Didactics' section page.

Formal Methods: seminar at GSSI

The extra lecture of Formal Methods fixed for Wednesday, 22nd May (14.30-16.30, room A1.6) will not take place as it is replaced by a seminar at GSSI by Prof. Alessandro Cimatti on "Logics at work" at 15.00 (see abstract and link below). All students of Formal Methods, past and present, are invited to participate! Schedule: 22 May, 3pm Place: GSSI - Library Room, v. Francesco Crispi 7 Speaker: Alessandro Cimatti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy) Title: “Logics at work” Abstract: Mathematical logic, conceived as a means to formalize mathematical reasoning, has become, in the last decades, an engineering tool for the development of high-complexity systems. It helps to unambiguously represent the problem of the...

Formal Methods: lecture cancelled

Due to an institutional engagement, the lecture of Formal Methods of Monday 6th May 2019 will not take place. As agreed with the students, the lecture is postponed to Wednesday 8th May 2019 (14.30-16.30, room A1.6).

Formal Methods: results of the midterm exam

The results of the midterm exam of Formal Methods are available at the link below.
The students who provided no matriculation number are identified through initials of Name and Surname. The students are invited to have a look at the correction of their papers on Friday, May 3rd (11.30-13.00) or during supervision hours.

Formal Methods: lecture on April 3rd

Besides the usual lectures fixed by the timetable, this week there will be a lecture of Formal Methods (Prof. Nesi) also on Wednesday 3rd April, 14.30-17.30, room C1.12 (Coppito 2).