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Current News

Seminari Professionalizzanti su Ingegneria del Miglioramento Continuo: iscrizioni e orari del corso

Il Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica e Automatica propone un Ciclo di Seminari Professionalizzanti dal titolo: "Ingegneria del Miglioramento Continuo" Il semiari sono mirati all'acquisizione delle principali conoscenze relative alle dinamiche aziendali e alle più moderne metodologie del miglioramento continuo applicate all’interno delle aziende.  Verranno affrontate le varie tipologie di metodi di miglioramento continuo strutturato con cenni sul “TPS”, “TPM”, “TQC”, “WCM”: gli approfondimenti verteranno sull’analisi di alcuni dei pilastri fondamentali che costituiscono l’Ente miglioramento continuo strutturato di un’Azienda e i relativi metodi di applicazione. Sono...

[info]Archived News

Bran Selic seminar

This week, from 4th to 8th of February, Bran Selic will be a guest of our department. He is a pioneer in the field of Model-Driven Engineering and the responsible of the UML 2 project. Bran will collaborate with our research group on the ERMES (Envisioning Railway systems through Model-driven Engineering techniqueS) project, that has been funded by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana. On this occasion he will hold the following seminar, that we suggest not to miss, as it is a truly uncommon occasion. Facing Uncertainty in Complex Cyber-Physical System Design. Thursday, February 7th, 10.00 AM, Meeting Room, Alan Turing Building Following an abstact of the talk and a brief bio of the speaker. **************************************** Facing Uncertainty in Complex CPS...

Course Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory

Keith Clark, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College in London, is visiting our Department up to next Friday May 18. Among the series of seminars about "Cognitive Robotics Programming through Computational Logic”, he will present the following public seminars:

Tuesday    May 15    10:30-11:30
"Introduction to Control of Communicating Robotic Agents Using Teleo-Reactive Program"

Thursday May 17 14:30-15:30
"Teleo-Reactive Programming with Dynamic Planning and Fair Concurrent Use of Multiple Robotic Devices"

Both appointments will be in the Meeting Room, Alan Turin Building, III floor.

Find more information in the attachment.

Giovanni De Gasperis