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From this page you can access the detailed information on all our courses, including online resources, news, timetables, etc. Cannot find the course you're looking for? This list shows only the active courses. Use the filter function to search between not active courses, too. If you are interested only to the courses of a specific didactic area, click on its name on the left menu.

Code Name Teachers Language Sem. ECTS SSD Degrees Notes


I2T014 WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS (Comunicazioni Wireless) Santucci en 1st 9 ING-INF/03 I4I I4T
DT0180 Web Engineering (Web Engineering) Della Penna it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I F4I


DT0104 Time Series And Prediction (Time series and prediction) Triacca it 1st 6 SECS-P/05 F4M I4W
F0150 Teoria della Calcolabilità e Complessità (Introduction to Computability and Complexity) Mignosi it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I
F0158 Teoria dell'Informazione (Information Theory) Mignosi it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I F4I
I0637 Teoria dei Sistemi (Control Systems Analysis) Manes it 1st 9 ING-INF/04 I3N
DT0269 Teoria dei Linguaggi (Theory of Languages) Orefice it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I F4I
DT0190 Telerilevamento (Remote sensing) Cimini it 2nd 6 ING-INF/02 I4T
F0149 Tecnologie del Web (Web Technologies) Pierantonio it 1st 6 INF/01 F3I


I0042 SYSTEMS IDENTIFICATION AND DATA ANALYSIS (Identificazione Dei Sistemi E Analisi Dei Dati) Germani en 1st 9 ING-INF/04 I4I
I0549 Systems biology (Systems biology) Palumbo en 1st 6 ING-INF/04 I4W
I0549 Systems biology (Systems Biology) Palumbo en 1st 6 ING-INF/04 I4W
DT0209 Sviluppo Web Avanzato (Advanced Web Development) Della Penna , Di Salle it 2nd 3 INF/01 F3I F4I
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes) Minelli en 2nd 6 MAT/06 I4I
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes) Tsagkarogiannis en 2nd 6 MAT/06 F4M I4W
DT0133 Stochastic models and applications (Stochastic models and applications) Antonelli en 1st 6 MAT/06 F4M
DT0363 Statistics (Statistics) F4Y I
  Module Introduction To Statistical Learning (Introduction To Statistical Learning) Triacca en 2nd 6     M
  Module Statistics Lab (Statistics Lab) Antonelli en 1st 6     M
DT0222 Software Architectures & Quality Engineering (Software Architectures & Quality Engineering) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Software Architectures (Software Architectures) Muccini en 1st 6     M
  Module Software Quality Engineering (Software Quality Engineering) Cortellessa en 1st 6     M
DT0009 Sistemi Operativi con Laboratorio (Operating Systems with Lab) INF/01 F3I I
  Module Sistemi Operativi (Operating Systems) Cortellessa it 1st 6     M
  Module Laboratorio di Sistemi Operativi (Operating Systems Laboratory) Autili it 1st 6     M
I0654 Sistemi Operativi (Operating Systems) Frigioni it 1st 6 ING-INF/05 I3N
I0666 Sistemi Di Elaborazione Dell'informazione (Information Systems) Landro it 1st 9 ING-INF/05 I4I


I0375 Robotica Industriale (INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS) Cecati , Manes it 1st 9 ING-INF/04 I4I I3N
DT0248 Riemannian Geometry (Geometria Riemaniana) Nelli en 2nd 6 MAT/03 F4M
F0139 Ricerca operativa e Ottimizzazione (Operation Research And Optimization) MAT/09 F3I I
  Module Ricerca Operativa (Operations Research) Smriglio it 2nd 6     M
  Module Ottimizzazione Combinatoria (Combinatorial Optimization) Arbib it 2nd 6     M
I0655 Reti Di Telecomunicazioni I (Telecommunication Networks I) Pratesi it 2nd 9 ING-INF/03 I3N
F0081 Reti di Calcolatori Evolute (Advanced Computer Networks) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Reti di calcolatori Evolute: Architetture (Advanced Computer Networks: Architectures) Paris it 1st 6     M
  Module Advanced Computer Networks: Internetworking (Reti di Calcolatori Evolute: Internetworking) Cassioli en 2nd 6     M
I0653 Reti Di Calcolatori E Programmazione Per Il Web   I3N I
  Module Programmazione Per Il Web (Web programming) Cicerone it 2nd 6     M
  Module Computer Networks (Reti Di Calcolatori) Di Stefano en 1st 6     M
F0144 Reti di Calcolatori (Computer Networks) Petricola it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I
DT0206 Research Methodologies (Research Methodologies) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Introduction to research (Introduction to research) Tivoli it 1st 3     M R
  Module Research Project (Research Project) Muccini en 1st 3     M R


DT0185 Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels (Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels) Cassioli en 2nd 6 ING-INF/03 I4T
DT0336 Programming For Data Science (Programming For Data Science) Di Marco en 1st 6 INF/01 F4Y
I0647 Programmazione Ad Oggetti (Object Oriented Programming) Di Stefano it 2nd 6 ING-INF/05 I3N
F0063 Progetto e Ottimizzazione di Reti   Rossi en 2nd 6 MAT/09 F3I R
I0664 Progettazione di Sistemi Interattivi (Designing Interactive System) Tarantino it 1st 9 ING-INF/05 I4I
DT0040 Process and Operations Scheduling (Scheduling dei Processi e delle Operazioni) Smriglio en 1st 6 MAT/09 F3I F4I R
DT0127 Probability and Stochastic Processes (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici) F4M I
  Module Probability e Stochastic Processes 1 (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici 1) Gabrielli en 1st 6     M
  Module Probability and Stochastic Processes 2 (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici 2) De Masi en 2nd 6     M
I0671 Principles of structural and cell biochemistry (Principles Of Structural And Cell Biochemistry) Coccia en 1st 0 I4W
DT0194 Photonic Networks (Photonic Networks) Antonelli en 2nd 6 INF-INF/02 I4T
DT0256 Parallel Computing (Parallel Computing) Protasov en 2nd 6 MAT/08 I4W


DT0220 Optimisation Models and Algorithms (Optimisation Models and Algorithms) Arbib it 6 MAT/09 I4W
I2I015 OPTIMAL CONTROL (Controllo Ottimo) De Santis en 2nd 9 ING-INF/04 I4I
DT0348 Open Data And Web Services (Open Data And Web Services) Autili , Perucci en 2nd 6 INF/01 F4Y
DT0208 Object-Oriented Software Design (Object-Oriented Software Design) Eramo it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I


DT0312 Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation (Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation) D'Ambrosio en 2nd 6 MAT/08 I4W
DT0307 Numerical Methods For Differential Equations (Numerical Methods For Differential Equations) D'Ambrosio en 2nd 6 MAT/08 F4M
I0667 Nonlinear Systems (Sistemi Nonlineari) Di Gennaro en 2nd 6 ING-INF/04 I4I
DT0338 Networks And Decision Models (Networks And Decision Models) F4Y I
  Module Decision Models (Decision Models) Arbib en 1st 6     M
  Module Networks (Networks) en 2nd 6     M
DT0060 Network Optimization (Network Optimization) Rossi en 2nd 6 MAT/09 I4T R
DT0215 Network optimisation (Network optimisation) Rossi en 2nd 6 MAT/09 I4W R
F0062 Network Design (Progetto di Reti) MAT/09 F4I I
  Module Network Optimization (Network Optimization) Rossi en 2nd 6     M R
  Module Network Flows (Progetto e Ottimizzazione di Reti) Rossi en 2nd 6     M R