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Course Catalogue - Mathematics and Applications Area

From this page you can access the detailed information on all our courses, including online resources, news, timetables, etc. Cannot find the course you're looking for? This list shows only the active courses. Use the filter function to search between not active courses, too.

Code Name Teachers Language Sem. ECTS SSD Degrees Notes


DT0015 Algebra (Algebra) MAT/02 F3M I
  Module Algebra mod. II (Algebra mod. II) Gavioli it 2nd 6     M
  Module Algebra mod. I (Algebra mod. I) Scoppola it 2nd 6     M
DT0014 Analisi Matematica A (Mathematical Analysis A) MAT05 F3M I
  Module Analisi Matematica A mod. I (Mathematical Analysis A, mod. I) Pignotti it 1st 6     M
  Module Analisi Matematica A mod. II (Mathematical Analysis A, mod. II) Pignotti , Rubino it 1st 6     M
DT0020 Analisi Matematica B (Mathematical Analysis B) Donatelli it 1st 9 Mat/05 F3M
DT0023 Analisi Matematica C (Mathematical Analysis C) Guarguaglini it 2nd 6 Mat/05 F3M
DT0021 Analisi Numerica (Numerical Analysis ) Cimoroni , Guglielmi it 2nd 9 MAT/08 F3M


DT0022 Calcolo delle probabilità A (Probability A) Tsagkarogiannis it 2nd 6 MAT/06 F3M
DT0028 Calcolo delle probabilità B (Probability B) De Masi it 1st 6 MAT/06 F3M


DH0003 Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory (Sistemi Dinamici e Teoria della biforcazione) Rubino en 1st 6 MAT/05 F3M R


DT0107 English as a foreign language (level B2) (English as a foreign language (level B2)) Paolini en 1st 2 L-LIN/12 F3M
I0117 English as Foreign Language (Level B1) (Inglese livello B1) Larivera en 2nd 3 L-LIN/12 F3M
F0019 English Language Level A2 (Lingua Inglese) Ceccarelli en 1st 3 L-LIN/12 F3M
DT0161 Equation of Mathematical Physics (Equazioni della fisica matematica ) MAT/05,MAT F3M I
  Module Partial differential equations (Equazioni alle derivate parziali) Lattanzio en 1st 6     M
  Module Modelli Matematici (Mathematical Models) Serva it 1st 3     M


F0061 Fisica I (Fisica I) Santucci it 2nd 9 FIS/01 F3M
F0501 Fisica II (Fisica II) Carelli it 1st 9 FIS/01 F3M


DT0018 Geometria A (Geometry A) Fania it 1st 12 MAT/03 F3M
DT0019 Geometria B (Geometry B) Fedeli , Nelli it 1st 12 MAT/03 F3M


F0060 Informatica (Introduction to Computer Science) Nesi it 1st 6 INF/01 F3M R
DT0148 Introduzione alla Elettrotecnica (Introduction to Electrical Engineering) Buccella it 1st 6 ING-IND/31 F3M
DT0305 Introduzione alla Geometria Algebrica (Introduction to Algebraic Geometry) Fania it 1st 6 MAT/03 F3M
DT0025 Istituzioni Di Analisi Superiore (Istituzioni Di Analisi Superiore ) MAT/05 F3M I
  Module Analisi Funzionale (Istituzioni di Analisi Superiore mod.1) (Functional Analysis) Nolasco it 1st 6     M
  Module Complex analysis (Istituzioni di Analisi Superiore mod. 2) (Analisi Complessa (Istituzioni di Analisi Superiore mod. 2)) Nolasco en 2nd 6     M
F1195 Istituzioni Di Geometria Superiore I (Foundations of Advanced Geometry I) Lelli Chiesa it 2nd 9 MAT/03 F3M


DT0110 Mathematical Economics and Finance (Mathematical Economics and Finance) Giuli en 1st 6 SECS-S/06 F3M F4M I4W
F0503 Meccanica Razionale (Rational Mechanics) Merola it 2nd 9 MAT/07 F3M
DT0419 Metodi analitici applicati alla geometria (Analytic methods applied to geometry) Nelli it 1st 6 MAT/03 F3M