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This section contains news about courses, lectures and exams. Use the links below to switch to another news section or return to the first page.


Formal Methods: lecture cancelled

As agreed with the students, the lecture of Formal Methods of Friday 26th April 2019 will not take place and is postponed to a date in May, still to be fixed.

Next lecture: Monday 29th April 2019.

Course Network Design (Integrato)

Network Optimization next lecture: April, 30 11.30 AM

Network Flows next lecture: April, 30 2.30 PM

Course Basi di Dati (Modulo)

La lezione di Basi di Dati del 30 Aprile non si terra', ed e' rimandata ad altra data che verra' annunciata in seguito.

Current News

Course Network Design (Integrato)

Office hours of Apr, 24th are canceled and postponed to Apr, 29th 11.00-13.00

Course Fisica

Sono disponibili i risultati del parziale di Fisica dell'11 Aprile 2019

Course Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision

E' disponibile la soluzione del parziale di Fisica del 11/04/2019


Cambio aula lezioni di Teoria della Calcolabilità e Complessità - Teoria dell'informazione (Prof. F. Mignosi) del martedì

Le lezioni di:
- Teoria della Calcolabilità e Complessità (Prof. F. Mignosi);
- Teoria dell'informazione (Prof. F. Mignosi);
del Martedì, dal giorno Martedì 16 Aprile 2019, si svolgeranno in aula C1.16 (Coppito 2)


Course Basi di Dati (Modulo)

Link al materiale didattico Prof.ssa Costantini

Course Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory

All the design and development activities concerning the cognitive robotics projects of the "Intelligent Systems and Robotics Laboratory" course can be carried out in the laboratory "Sistemi di Interazione e Calcolo", room A-1-38 , at Coppito 2, starting from Monday 25/2/2019 .

The lecturer

G De Gasperis


Course Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions I (Modulo)

Students interested in attending the first module of the course Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions should promptly contact  the teacher at the e-mail address galesiiatunivaqdotit in view of taking advantage of the annual free complimentary license of the matrix oriented programming language Gauss by Aptech and related applications used in the course to be installed on their PCs before the beginning of the module, scheduled on the 25th of February 2019, with the following time schedule: Monday 9.30-11.30, Friday 11.30-13.30.