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From this page you can access the detailed information on all our courses, including online resources, news, timetables, etc. Cannot find the course you're looking for? This list shows only the active courses. Use the filter function to search between not active courses, too. If you are interested only to the courses of a specific didactic area, click on its name on the left menu.

Code Name Teachers Language Sem. ECTS SSD Degrees Notes

Classification not available

I0644 Analisi Numerica E Complementi Di Matematica (Numerical Analysis and Complements of Mathematics) Cimoroni it 1st 6 I3N
DT0422 Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica (Communication of Scientific Knowledge) F4M I
  Module Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 1 (Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica mod. 1) Guerrieri en 1st 3     M
  Module Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica mod. 2 (Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 2) Freguglia it 1st 3     M
I0565 Electronic Devices (Dispositivi Elettronici) Carelli , Stornelli en 1st 9 I4W
I0032 Embedded Systems (Sistemi Embedded) Pomante en 1st 9 I4I I4T I3N
DT0338 Networks And Decision Models (Networks And Decision Models) F4Y I
  Module Decision Models (Decision Models) Arbib en 1st 6     M
  Module Networks (Networks) en 2nd 6     M
I0671 Principles of structural and cell biochemistry (Principles Of Structural And Cell Biochemistry) Coccia en 1st 0 I4W
DT0127 Probability and Stochastic Processes (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici) F4M I
  Module Probability e Stochastic Processes 1 (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici 1) Gabrielli en 1st 6     M
  Module Probability and Stochastic Processes 2 (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici 2) De Masi en 2nd 6     M
I0653 Reti Di Calcolatori E Programmazione Per Il Web   I3N I
  Module Programmazione Per Il Web (Web programming) Cicerone it 2nd 6     M
  Module Computer Networks (Reti Di Calcolatori) Di Stefano en 1st 6     M
DT0363 Statistics (Statistics) F4Y I
  Module Introduction To Statistical Learning (Introduction To Statistical Learning) Triacca en 2nd 6     M
  Module Statistics Lab (Statistics Lab) Antonelli en 1st 6     M


I0670 Computer modelling and simulations of biomolecules (Computer Modelling And Simulations Of Biomolecules) Guidoni en 1st 6 CHIM/07 I4W


I0199 Fisica Generale I (General Physics 1) Mecozzi it 2nd 9 FIS/01 I3N
I0205 Fisica Generale II (Fisica Generale II) Ottaviano it 2nd 9 FIS/01 I3N
F0061 Fisica I (Fisica I) Santucci it 2nd 9 FIS/01 F3M
F0501 Fisica II (Fisica II) Carelli it 1st 9 FIS/01 F3M
DT0130 Modern Physics (Modern Physics) Nardone it 2nd 6 FIS/01 F4M
I0419 Nanophotonics (Nanophotonics) Palange en 1st 9 FIS/01 I4W R


F0143 Fisica (Physics) Vellante it 2nd 6 FIS/02 F3I


I0271 Nanophotonics (Nanofotonica) Palange en 1st 9 FIS/03 I4T


DT0006 A primer in mechanics (A primer in mechanics) Tatone en 2nd 3 ICAR/08 I4W R
DT0098 An introduction to continuum mechanics (An introduction to continuum mechanics) Tatone en 2nd 12 ICAR/08 I4W
DT0295 Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics (Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics) Tatone en 2nd 9 ICAR/08 I4W R
I0052 Mechanics of Solids and Materials (Mechanics of Solids and Materials) Tatone en 2nd 6 ICAR/08 I4W R


DT0194 Photonic Networks (Photonic Networks) Antonelli en 2nd 6 INF-INF/02 I4T


DT0230 Advanced Models for Software Engineering (Advanced Models for Software Engineering) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Advanced Modelling Techniques (Advanced Modelling Techniques) Pierantonio en 2nd 3     M
  Module Advanced Verification and Validation (Advanced Verification and Validation) Cortellessa en 2nd 3     M
DT0289 Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering (Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering) Tivoli en 2nd 6 INF/01 F4I
DT0326 Advanced Software Architectures (Advanced Software Architectures) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Research Topics in Software Architectures (Research Topics in Software Architectures) Tivoli it 1st     M
  Module Software Architectures Project (Software Architectures Project) Muccini en 1st     M
DT0383 Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning (Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning) Caianiello en 1st 6 INF/01 F4Y R
F0130 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati con Laboratorio (Algorithms And Data Structures With Laboratory) INF/01 F3I I
  Module Algoritmi e Strutture Dati (Algorithms and Data Structures) Proietti it 1st 6     M
  Module Laboratorio di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati (Lab. Of Algorithms And Data Structures) Melideo it 1st 6     M
F1081 Applicazioni per Dispositivi Mobili (Mobile applications development) Di Salle it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I F4I
F1I005 Architettura degli Elaboratori (Computer Architectures) Tivoli it 1st 6 INF/01 F3I
F0159 Architettura degli Elaboratori II   Paris it 1st 6 INF/01 F3I F4I R
DT0173 Autonomous Networks (Autonomous Networks) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Non-cooperative networks (Non-cooperative networks) Proietti en 1st 3     M
  Module Social Networks (Social Networks) Monaco en 1st 3     M
DT0226 Autonomous Software & Service Engineering (Autonomous Software & Service Engineering) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Software Engineering for Autonomous Systems (Software Engineering For Autonomous Systems) Di Ruscio en 1st 6     M
  Module Service - Oriented Software Engineering (Service - Oriented Software Engineering) Autili en 1st 6     M
F0136 Basi di Dati con Laboratorio (Data Bases with Lab) INF/01 F3I I
  Module Laboratorio di Basi di Dati (Lab. of Databases) Pelliccione it 2nd 6     M
  Module Basi di Dati (Databases) Costantini it 2nd 6     M
DT0317 Big Data: Models And Algorithms (Big Data: Models And Algorithms) D'Emidio en 2nd 3 INF/01 F4I
DS9001 Bioinformatics (Bioinformatica) Di Marco en 2nd 6 INF/01 F4I
DT0170 Computational Intelligence (Computational Intelligence) INF/01 F3I F4I I
  Module Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) Caianiello en 1st 6     M
  Module Intelligent Autonomous Agents (Intelligent Autonomous Agents) Costantini en 2nd 6     M
DT0347 Database Systems (Database Systems) Arcelli en 1st 6 INF/01 F4Y
DT0210 Description Logics and Web Ontologies (Description Logics and Web Ontologies ) Costantini en 1st 3 INF/01 F4I
DT0166 Distributed Systems and Web Algorithms (Distributed Systems and Web Algorithms) INF/01 F4I I
  Module Web Algorithms (Web Algorithms) Vinci en 1st 6     M
  Module Distributed Systems (Distributed Systems) Proietti en 1st 6     M
F0050 Fondamenti di Programmazione con Laboratorio (Foundations Of Programming And Laboratory) INF/01 F3I I
  Module Laboratorio di Programmazione I (Introduction to Programming) Nesi it 1st 6     M
  Module Fondamenti di Programmazione (Foundations of Programming Languages) Inverardi , Perucci it 1st 6     M
F0060 Informatica (Introduction to Computer Science) Nesi it 1st 6 INF/01 F3M R
DT0199 Informatica forense (Computer Forensics) De Nardis it 2nd 3 INF/01 F3I F4I
DT0211 Information Retrieval (Information Retrieval) Mignosi en 2nd 3 INF/01 F4I
DS9003 Information Systems and Network Security (Information Systems and Network Security) Monaco en 1st 6 INF/01 F3I F4I
F1I018 Ingegneria del Software (Software Engineering) Muccini it 1st 6 INF/01 F3I
F1I010 Laboratorio di Architettura degli Elaboratori (Computer Architectures Lab) Forlizzi it 2nd 6 INF/01 F3I
DT0275 Laboratorio di Compilatori (Compiler Laboratory) Orefice it 2nd 3 INF/01 F3I
F0151 Linguaggi di Programmazione e Compilatori (Compilers) Orefice it 1st 6 INF/01 F3I
DT0176 Machine Learning (Machine Learning) Caianiello en 1st 6 INF/01 F4I