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Course Catalogue - Mathematics and Applications Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. For the current course catalogue

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Code Name
I0169 Sources Of Artificial Intelligence (Sources of Artificial Intelligence)
DT0030 Statistica Matematica (Mathematical Statistics)
DT0363 Statistics (Statistics)
I0092 Stochastic Mechanics (Stochastic mechanics)
I0431 Stochastic Modelling And Optimization (Stochastic modelling and optimization)
DT0133 Stochastic models and applications (Stochastic models and applications)
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes)
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes)
DT0209 Sviluppo Web Avanzato (Advanced Web Development)
I0549 Systems biology (Systems Biology)
I0549 Systems biology (Systems biology)
I0042 SYSTEMS IDENTIFICATION AND DATA ANALYSIS (Identificazione Dei Sistemi E Analisi Dei Dati)
F0163 Tecnologie dei Linguaggi di Programmazione (Advanced Programming Languages)
F2I005 Tecnologie dei Linguaggi di Programmazione + Laboratorio  
F0149 Tecnologie del Web (Web Technologies)
DT0190 Telerilevamento (Remote sensing)
DT0269 Teoria dei Linguaggi (Theory of Languages)
I0637 Teoria dei Sistemi (Control Systems Analysis)
F0158 Teoria dell'Informazione (Information Theory)
F0150 Teoria della Calcolabilità e Complessità (Introduction to Computability and Complexity)
F1I042 Teoria delle Code  
I0391 Teoria Delle Strutture (Teoria Delle Strutture)
DT0104 Time Series And Prediction (Time series and prediction)
Tirocinio Interno su Sistemi Operativi  
I0085 Traffic Flow Models (Traffic flow models)
I0100 Utilizzazione Delle Energie Rinnovabili (Utilizzazione Delle Energie Rinnovabili)
F2I026 Verification of Complex systems (Verifica dei Sistemi Complessi)
DT0180 Web Engineering (Web Engineering)
I2T014 WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS (Comunicazioni Wireless)
I0090 Workshop Of Mathematical Modelling (Workshop of mathematical modelling)