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Teachers - Mathematics and Applications Area

Below is a list of all our lecturers. Further details are available by clicking on each name. Cannot find the person you're looking for? This list shows all the teachers currently working in this department . Click here to see the list of teachers of any currently active course or the list of teachers of any current (also not active) course .

Surname Name Contact info Courses CV


Aragona Riccardo
Tel: 0862434723
Office hours: Mon 11:30-13:30
[DT0304] Combinatorics and Cryptography  [I4I]  [I4T]


Biancofiore Aldo
Office hours: Tue 14:30-16:30


Castellani Marco
Email: marcodotcastellaniatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 434887
Office hours: by appointment
Ceccarelli Luisa
Office hours: by appointment
[F0019] English Language Level A2  [F3M]
Colangeli Matteo
Email: matteodotcolangeli1atunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 434718
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0254] Kinetic and hydrodynamic models  [F4M]  [I4W]


D'Ambrosio Raffaele
Email: raffaeledotdambrosioatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0307] Numerical Methods For Differential Equations  [F4M]
[DT0312] Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation  [I4W]
D'Orazio Franco
Email: francodotdorazioatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433029
Office hours: by appointment
De Masi Anna
Email: annadotdemasiatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 433157
Office hours: Mon 13:30-15:30
[DT0028] Calcolo delle probabilità B  [F3M]
[DT0129] Probability and Stochastic Processes 2  [F4M]
Donatelli Donatella
Email: donatelladotdonatelliatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862433161
Office hours: Mon 16:00-18:00
[DT0020] Analisi Mat. B  [F3M]
[DT0247] Mathematical fluid dynamics  [I4W]
[DT0247] Mathematical fluid dynamics  [F4M]


Fagioli Simone
Email: simonedotfagioliatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[I0051] Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering  [I4W]
Fania Maria Lucia
Email: marialuciadotfaniaatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 433166
Office hours: Tue 14:00-16:00
[DT0018] Geometria A  [F3M]
[DT0305] Introduzione alla Geometria Algebrica  [F3M]
Festa Adriano
Email: adrianodotfestaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0256] Parallel Computing  [I4W]
Freguglia Paolo
Email: paolodotfregugliaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 16:30-18:00
[DT0424] Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica mod. 2  [F4M]
[DT0124] Foundation of Mathematics  [F4M]


Giuli Massimiliano
Email: massimilianodotgiuliatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0110] Mathematical Economics and Finance  [F3M]  [F4M]  [I4W]
Guarguaglini Francesca
Email: guarguagatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Thu 10:00-12:00
[DT0023] Analisi Mat. C  [F3M]
Guerrieri Anna
Office hours: Mon 14:30-16:30
[DT0122] Advanced Algebra 1  [F4M]
[DT0423] Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 1  [F4M]
[F0124] Mat. Discreta I  [F3I]
[F0126] Mat. Discreta II  [F3I]


Lattanzio Corrado
Tel: + 39 0862 434707
Office hours: Mon 15:00-18:00
[DT0114] Advanced Analysis 1  [F4M]  [I4W]
[I0183] Applied partial differential equations  [I4W]
[DT0150] Partial differential equations  [F3M]
Lelli Chiesa Margherita
Email: margheritadotlellichiesaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[F1195] Istituzioni Di Geometria Superiore I  [F3M]
Livorni Elvira Laura
Office hours: Tue 18:00-19:00 ,
   Thu 18:00-19:00
[DT0131] Didattica Della Mat.  [F4M]


Moraru Vlad
Email: vladdotmoraruatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment


Nolasco Margherita
Email: nolascoatunivaqdotit
Tel: 0862 433149
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0026] Functional analysis  [F3M]
[DT0112] Complex analysis  [I4W]


Pilo Luigi
Email: luigidotpiloataquiladotinfndotit
Office hours: by appointment
Pipoli Giuseppe
Email: giuseppedotpipoliatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0248] Riemannian Geometry  [F4M]
[F0124] Mat. Discreta I  [F3I]
Protasov Vladimir
Email: vladimirdotprotasovatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment


Rubino Bruno
Email: brunodotrubinoatunivaqdotit
Tel: +39 0862 434701
Office hours: Mon 14:30-16:30
[DT0017] Analisi Mat. A mod. II  [F3M]
[I0459] Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory  [I4W]
[I0060] Mathematical Fluid Dynamics  [I4W]
[DH0003] Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory  [F3M]


Santucci Sandro
Office hours: Wed 11:30-13:30 ,
   Thu 15:00-16:00
[F0061] Fisica I  [F3M]
Spirito Stefano
Email: stefanodotspiritoatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 15:00-17:00
[DT0115] Advanced Anaysis 2  [F4M]


Tognolatti Piero
Office hours: by appointment
[I0652] Electromagnetic Fields  [I3N]
[I0329] Electromagnetic Design  [I4T]
Tozzi Anna
Email: annadottozziatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Wed 12:00-13:30 ,
   Thu 15:30-16:30
Triacca Umberto
Email: umbertodottriaccaatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0003] Calcolo delle Probabilità e Statistica Mat.  [F3I]
[DT0367] Introduction To Statistical Learning  [F4Y]
[DT0104] Time Series And Prediction  [F4M]  [I4W]
Tsagkarogiannis Dimitrios
Email: dtsagkaroatgmaildotcom
Office hours: Fri 14:30-16:30
[DT0022] Calcolo delle probabilità A  [F3M]
[DT0052] Stochastic Processes  [F4M]  [I4W]