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Course Catalogue - Information Engineering Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. For the current course catalogue

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Code Name
DT0193 Advanced and Software Defined Networks (Advanced and Software Defined Networks)
I0267 Antennas and Microwaves (Antenne E Microonde)
DT0304 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatoria e Crittografia)
DT0181 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatorics and Cryptography)
I0331 DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS (Trasmissioni Numeriche)
I0269 Digital Electronic Systems 1 (Elettronica Dei Sistemi Digitali 1)
DT0189 Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia (Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia)
I0329 Electromagnetic Design (Metodi Di Progettazione Elettromagnetica)
I0032 Embedded Systems (Sistemi Embedded)
I0592 English Language level B2 (Lingua Inglese B2)
DT0183 Environmental impact of EM fields (Impatto Ambientale Dei Campi Elettromagnetici)
DT0196 Laboratory of SDR, SDN and IoT (Laboratory of SDR, SDN and IoT)
DT0249 Mathematical Physics 2 (Mathematical Physics 2)
DT0182 Misure sui Sistemi di Telecomunicazione (Measurements for Telecommunication Systems)
I00000 Modellistica e controllo di reti di telecomunicazioni (Modelling and control of communication networks)
I0591 Multimedia Algorithms and Apllications (Algoritmi E Applicazioni Multimediali)
I0271 Nanophotonics (Nanofotonica)
DT0060 Network Optimization (Network Optimization)
DT0194 Photonic Networks (Photonic Networks)
DT0185 Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels (Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels)
I0030 Remote Sensing and Radio-wave Propagation (Radiopropagazione E Telerilevamento)
I0031 Reti Di Telecomunicazioni II (Telecommunication Networks II)
DT0190 Telerilevamento (Remote sensing)
I2T014 WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS (Comunicazioni Wireless)