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Course Catalogue - Information Engineering Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. For the current course catalogue

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Code Name
DT0419 Metodi analitici applicati alla geometria (Analytic methods applied to geometry)
DT0419 metodi analitici applicati alla geometria (analytical methods applied to geometry)
F1I033 Metodi Formali dell'Informatica  
F2I014 Metodi Formali dell'Informatica + Laboratorio  
I0651 Misure Elettroniche (Electronic Measurements)
DT0182 Misure sui Sistemi di Telecomunicazione (Measurements for Telecommunication Systems)
DT0225 Model-Driven Engineering and Formal Methods (Model-Driven Engineering and Formal Methods)
DT0320 Modelli E Algoritmi Per La Finanza Aziendale (Models And Algorithms For Business Finance)
DT0320 Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale (Models and Algorithms for Financial Management)
F0157 Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale I (Models And Algorithms For Business Finance I)
F0993 Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale II (Models and Algorithms for Financial Management II)
FN Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod I (Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod I)
FN Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod II (Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod II)
F0527 Modelli Matematici Dei Mercati Finanziari  
F0525 Modelli Matematici Dei Sistemi Macroscopici (Modelli Matematici Dei Sistemi Macroscopici)
I0433 Modelling, Simulation, And Optimization Of Complex Sistems (Modelling, simulation, and optimization of complex sistems)
DT0332 Modellistica Di Sistemi Elettrici E Di Elettronica Di Potenza (Modeling of Electric and Power Electronic Systems)
I00000 Modellistica e controllo di reti di telecomunicazioni (Modelling and control of communication networks)
I2I036 Modellistica E Simulazione (Modelling and Simulation)
DT0130 Modern Physics (Modern Physics)
I0591 Multimedia Algorithms and Apllications (Algoritmi E Applicazioni Multimediali)
I0271 Nanophotonics (Nanofotonica)
I0419 Nanophotonics (Nanophotonics)
DT0058 Network design (Network Design)
F0062 Network Design (Progetto di Reti)
DT0215 Network optimisation (Network optimisation)
DT0060 Network Optimization (Network Optimization)
F0160 Network Systems and Applications (Sistemi e Applicazioni su Reti)
DT0338 Networks And Decision Models (Networks And Decision Models)
F0164 Neural Networks (Reti Neurali)
I0667 Nonlinear Systems (Sistemi Nonlineari)
F094 Numerical Analysis II (Numerical Analysis II)
I0064 Numerical Approximation Of Partial Differential Equations By Finite Differences And Finite Volumes (Numerical approximation of partial differential equations by finite differences and finite volumes)
I0682 Numerical Differentiation And Integration (Numerical differentiation and integration)
DT0307 Numerical Methods For Differential Equations (Numerical Methods For Differential Equations)
DT0312 Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation (Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation)
I0427 Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations €“ Finite Elements (Numerical methods for partial differential equations – Finite elements)
DT0208 Object-Oriented Software Design (Object-Oriented Software Design)
DT0348 Open Data And Web Services (Open Data And Web Services)
I2I015 OPTIMAL CONTROL (Controllo Ottimo)
I0083 Optimal Control Of Ordinary Differential Equations (Optimal control of ordinary differential equations)
DT0220 Optimisation Models and Algorithms (Optimisation Models and Algorithms)
I0084 Optimisation Of Complex Systems (Optimisation of complex systems)
I0086 Optimisation: Theory And Numerical Methods (Optimisation: theory and numerical methods)
I0066 Optimization (Optimization)
I0694 Optimization I (Optimization I)
I0695 Optimization Ii (Optimization II)
F1I026 Ottimizzazione Combinatoria I  
F1I026 Ottimizzazione Combinatoria I (Combinatorial Optimization)
DT0268 Parallel computing (Parallel computing)