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News Archive - Computer Science Area

Channel Didactics

The following list shows all the news published in section 'Didactics' in the last 4 months and relative to the current didactic area. Warning: some news attachments may be no more valid. To read only the current news, go to the 'Didactics' section page.

Course Ricerca operativa e Ottimizzazione (Integrato)

Le prove orali del modulo di ottimizzazione, IV appello sessione estiva 2018-19, si terranno venerdì 20 settembre a partire dalle 10:30 presso lo studio del docente. In allegato l'elenco degli studenti ammessi all'orale. 

Optimization module - September written test

The next written test of the summer fall (4th call) will take place on Tueday, September 17th at 10:30 am (A. Turing building, room A1.6)

Course Ricerca operativa e Ottimizzazione (Integrato)

The oral test of Combinatorial Optimization and Optimization Models and Algorithms will take place on Wednesday, July 17th starting at 10:30 am at the teacher's room.

In attachment, the list of students who passed the written test (with the respective grades).