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News Archive - Computer Science Area

The following list shows all the main news published on this site in the last 12 months and relative to the current didactic area. Warning: some news attachments may be no more valid.

To read only the current news, go to the the front page.

Possibili Tesi aziendali

La Iconsulting S.p.A., consolidata Società di consulenza specializzata nella progettazione di Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Performance Management e Big Data Analytics, con sedi a Bologna e Roma, propone argomenti di Tesi Triennale a Magistrale. Per informazioni rivolgersi alla Prof.ssa Costantini, stefaniadotcostantiniatunivaqdotit

Riferimento accademico: Prof.ssa Stefania Costantini

Course Laboratorio di Sistemi Operativi (Modulo)

Si avvisano gli studenti che la data del Secondo appello (II Sessione) di Laboratorio di Sistemi Operativi è posticipata a Lunedì 08 Luglio 2019, ore 14:00, aula C1.10 Coppito 2.

Armundia Group s.r.l.

Test Engineer Armundia Group is a company specializing in the design, supply and implementation of IT solutions as well as the provision of specialist consultancy services for the banking, financial and insurance sector. With offices based in Rome, Milan, Florence and L’Aquila, the Armundia Group benefits from a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals producing high-level solutions which employ the latest cutting-edge technologies securely, efficiently and reliably. Today, Armundia Group is an international reality and continues to grow with projects and consultancy in seven countries spread over two continents and has implemented its solutions into more than 70 financial and insurance institutions. The group controls Armundia srl, which is based in Rome, and...
Riferimento accademico: Giovanni De Gasperis

Course Basi di Dati (Modulo)

La lezione di Basi di Dati del 30 Aprile non si terra', ed e' rimandata ad altra data che verra' annunciata in seguito.

Course Intelligent Autonomous Agents (Modulo)

The lecture of April 24 od the Course of Intelligent Autonomous Agents will not be held, as it is postponed to a date to be announced.

Intermediate test grades

In attachment the grades of the intermediate test of April 11th, 2019

Lezioni di Esercitazioni di "Laboratorio di Programmazione di Sistema" Dott. De Lauretis

 Le esercitazioni di "Laboratorio di Programmazione di Sistema", Dott. De Lauretis,  si terranno,a partire da venerdi 27 marzo p.v.  tutti i venerdì dalle ore 15:30 alle ore 17:30 su canale Team Codice:  d59ro42.


Decreto ed elenco candidati seduta di Laurea in Informatica del 28.03.2020

In allegato il Decreto ed l'elenco dei candidati della seduta di Laurea in Informatica del 28.03.2020 

Professor Orefice's lessons are temporarily suspended

Dear students, 

I wanted to warn you that the lessons of Prof. Sergio Orefice (Laboratorio di Compilatori e Teoria dei Linguaggi) are temporarily suspended.

I will update you as soon as news are available.

Best Regards
Henry Muccini
Head of the Study Programmes in Computer Science

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR OUR STUDENTS: online classrooms - tutorials and access codes


Starting from Monday 16 March, all our classes will resume in all degree courses in an online mode. All technical information to this respect can be found here:

In particular take note of the following links:

The timetable of all the lectures remain confirmed, and can be found here:, where you can also find the codes to access the Teams channels. 
Have a nice restart!