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News - Interdisciplinary Area

This page shows all the news published on the DISIM website. Use the links below to read only a specific news section.

[info]Archived News

Oral test, first winter call

The oral test will take place in my room tomorrow (Thursday), Jan 16th, 2020 starting at 10:30

You can try the oral test only if you passed the whole written test (possibly, split into intermediate and final), see the attachment. The actual grade reflects my evaluation of the test done on Jan 13th (this makes sense only for those who have an intermediate grade).

If you read "retake", it means that, before trying the oral, you have to try again the written test in the next call. In any case, your intermediate grade (if one) will not be lost. 

Results test B1 Prof. Marottoli

Results English Test B1 13th January 2020 for Computer Science, Information Engineering, Automation and Telecommunication Engineering. Minimum score accepted 61: 259326/41; 255897/12 (grammar); 262689/11 (grammar); 237097/61; 233404/48; 242128/77; 261637/11 (grammar); 259164/51; 242016/56; 258779/70.

The oral test for those who have passed the written part is next Monday 20th January at 9,30 in class C1.9 Coppito 2.


Course Network Design (Integrato)

Office hours of January, 7th and 8th are canceled and postponed to January, 9th from 11.00 to 15.30

Results test B2 Prof. Marottoli

Results English B2 test 16th December 2019 Minimum score accepted 61-62/93

252362/70; 247835/25; 247836/70; 255420/61; 249440/48; 266383/63; 267021/51; 254691/71;

259119/67; 259063/74; 253036/72; 251907/80; 249194/74; 248099/83; 246970/65; 242128/57;

2487453/62; 286014/56; 251882/69; 267296/80; 249503/63; 251972/70; 242292/82; 252115/64;

265468/76; 265467/72; 252629/76; 251881/81; 252330/69; 252310/71.

The oral part will take place tomorrow, Friday 20th at 9 o’clock, class A0.3 Blocco 0.

Please, contact the teacher in case you decide to postpone the oral part to a later session.

SEMINAR: The new challenges of cybersecurity: Leonardo SpA as an excellence in the field, which synergy with the university.

Dear all, we would like to invite you to attend the talk entitled: "The new challenges of cybersecurity: Leonardo SpA as an excellence in the field, which synergy with the university." Speaker: Federico Fiordigigli, Cyber ??Security & Intelligence Competence Area, LEONARDO S.p.A. Date: Wednesday December 18th, from 9.00 to 11.00 Place: Room A1.5, Building Alan Turing (Coppito 0), via Vetoio snc, L’Aquila Summary: The talk will introduce the company Leonardo SpA and in particular the Cyber ??Security division. It will present the new regulatory framework and the technological developments in the field of cybersecurity, with particular reference to R&D projects underway at the CyberLab in Chieti. The synergy with the University of L'Aquila in the...

Course Network Design (Integrato)

Office hours of December, 17 are cancelled. Next office hours: Dec, 18 9:30-11:00

Ricevimento studenti 11/12 spostato a 12/12 mattina

Causa concomitanza con Consiglio di Dipartimento il ricevimento studenti previsto mercoledì 11 dicembre verrà effettuato giovedì 12 dicembre dalle ore 12:00 alle ore 13:30 nel mio ufficio

Semonario "Horizon 2020: opportunità di finanziamento nei settori delle sfide sociali 2 e 5. Open Science: la strada alla scienza aperta"

Il 17 dicembre p.v., dalle ore 9,00 alle ore 14,00 presso la Sala Conferenze, Piano -1 di Palazzo Camponeschi, il dott. Matteo Di Rosa dell'Agenzia per la promozione della Ricerca terra' il corso  "Horizon 2020: opportunità di finanziamento nei settori delle sfide sociali 2 e 5. Open Science: la strada alla scienza aperta".

Il seminario è rivolto a Docenti, Ricercatori, assegnisti e dottorandi.

In allegato la locandina col programma dettagliato.

Two seminars by Visiting Prof. Rafael Bordini

Visiting Prof. Rafael Bordini will give the following two seminars on December 17th: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First seminar: Engineering Intelligent Interactive Systems with Multi-Agent Oriented Programming? Tuesday, December 17th, 9:30am, Alan Turing Seminar Room ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this talk, I briefly overview work recently conducted by my research group on extending platforms for the engineering and development of multi-agent systems named Jason and JaCaMo so they incorporate various AI techniques. In particular, work on the integration of Argumentation Theory and Ontological Reasoning into those programming platform is briefly presented. I also...

Seminario CAPC

Nell’ambito del Piano Lauree Scientifiche Informatica, il dott. William Di Luigi del Politecnico di Milano terrà due seminari sulle competizioni di programmazione algoritmica a livello universitario. Il suo intervento si rivolge a chiunque voglia mettere alla prova ed espandere le proprie competenze su programmazione, algoritmi e problem solving, ed è particolarmente adatto a studenti di laurea triennale o magistrale interessati a partecipare attivamente a competizioni nazionali o internazionali di informatica. Il pubblico sarà invitato a partecipare in modo attivo, cimentandosi nella risoluzione di problemi effettivamente proposti in competizioni. La partecipazione ai seminari è valida come formazione per i Tutor selezionati per il Piano Lauree...