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Course Catalogue - Interdisciplinary Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. For the current course catalogue

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Code Name
DT0006 A primer in mechanics (A primer in mechanics)
DT0121 Advanced Algebra (Algebra Superiore)
DT0113 Advanced Analysis (Advanced Analysis )
I0714 Advanced Analysis 1 (Advanced Analysis 1)
F0088 Advanced Analysis 2 (Analisi Superiore 2)
DT0193 Advanced and Software Defined Networks (Advanced and Software Defined Networks)
DT0311 Advanced Communication Networks (Advanced Communication Networks)
I0383 Advanced Computational Methods In Material Science (Advanced computational methods in material science)
I0532 ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEMS (Complementi Di Automatica)
F0976 Advanced English for Computer Science (Inglese Avanzato per Informatici)
DT0117 Advanced Geometry (Geometria Superiore )
DT0230 Advanced Models for Software Engineering (Advanced Models for Software Engineering)
DT0291 Advanced Models for Software Engineering I (Advanced Models for Software Engineering I)
DT0292 Advanced Models for Software Engineering II (Advanced Models for Software Engineering II)
DT0246 Advanced Numerical Analysis (Advanced Numerical Analysis )
I0074 Advanced Numerics For Computational Finance (Advanced numerics for computational finance)
I0075 Advanced Numerics For General Mathematical Modelling Applications (Advanced numerics for general mathematical modelling applications)
F0198 Advanced Project in Software Engineering (Progetto di Ingegneria del Software Avanzata)
DT0289 Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering (Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering)
DT0326 Advanced Software Architectures (Advanced Software Architectures)
F0173 Advanced Software Engineering (Ingegneria del Software Avanzata)
DT0383 Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning (Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning)
I0081 Advanced Topics In Fluid Dynamics (Advanced topics in fluid dynamics)
F0070 Agenti Intelligenti  
DT0015 Algebra (Algebra)
F0924 Algebra Concreta (Concrete Algebra)
F0505 Algebra II (Algebra II)
F0505 Algebra II (Algebra II)
F0523 Algebra III (Algebra III)
F0883 Algebra Superiore 2 (Algebra Superiore 2)
I0063 Algorithms And Data Structures (Algorithms and data structures)
F0057 Algorithms for Distributed System (Algoritmi per Sistemi Distribuiti)
F1I025 Algoritmi e Dati Distribuiti (Distributed Algorithms and Data)
F1I012 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati  
F0130 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati con Laboratorio (Algorithms And Data Structures With Laboratory)
F0055 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati II (Algorithms and Data Structures II)
306930 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati II: Tecniche Evolute  
DT0098 An introduction to continuum mechanics (An introduction to continuum mechanics)
F0175 Analisi e Testing di Sistemi a Componenti  
I0646 Analisi Ed Elaborazione Dei Segnali (Analysis and Processing of Signals)
DT0002 Analisi Matematica (Mathematical Analysis)
DT0014 Analisi Matematica A (Mathematical Analysis A)
F0058 Analisi Matematica B (Analisi Matematica B)
DT0020 Analisi Matematica B (Mathematical Analysis B)
DT0023 Analisi Matematica C (Mathematical Analysis C)
F0037 Analisi Matematica I (Analisi Matematica I)
F0037 Analisi Matematica I (Mathematical Analysis I)
I0195 Analisi Matematica I (Mathematical Analysis I)
I0201 Analisi Matematica II (Mathematical Analysis II)
F0058 Analisi Matematica II (Mathematical Analysis II)
F0499 Analisi Matematica III (Mathematical Analysis III)
DT0021 Analisi Numerica (Numerical Analysis)
DT0021 Analisi Numerica (Numerical Analysis )
F2I002 Analisi Numerica (Numerical Analysis)
F1120 Analisi Numerica A (Analisi Numerica A)
I0644 Analisi Numerica E Complementi Di Matematica (Numerical Analysis and Complements of Mathematics)
F0974 Analisi Numerica Ii  
FN Analisi Superiore 2 mod. I (Analisi Superiore 2 mod. I)
FN Analisi Superiore 2 mod. II (Analisi Superiore 2 mod. II)
I2I017 ANALYSIS AND CONTROL OF HYBRID SYSTEMS (Analisi E Controllo Dei Sistemi Ibridi)
F0175 Analysis and Testing of Component-based Systems (Analisi e Testing di Sistemi a Componenti)
I0175 Analysis Of Engineering Experiment (Analysis of Engineering Experiment)
I0267 Antennas and Microwaves (Antenne E Microonde)
F1081 Applicazioni per Dispositivi Mobili (Mobile applications development)
I0183 Applied partial differential equations (Applied partial differential equations)
F1I005 Architettura degli Elaboratori (Computer Architectures)
F0035 Architettura degli Elaboratori con Laboratorio (Computer Architecture with Lab)
F0159 Architettura degli Elaboratori II  
F0068 Artificial Intelligence (Intelligenza Artificiale)
F2I018 Automazione del Ragionamento (Neural Networks)
I0649 Automazione Industriale (Industrial Automation)
DT0173 Autonomous Networks (Autonomous Networks)
DT0226 Autonomous Software & Service Engineering (Autonomous Software & Service Engineering)
I2L036 Azionamenti Elettrici (Azionamenti Elettrici)
F1I015 Basi di Dati  
I0643 Basi Di Dati (Fundamentals of Relational Databases)
F0136 Basi di Dati con Laboratorio (Data Bases with Lab)
I2I007 Basi Di Dati II (Advanced Databases)
DT0317 Big Data: Models And Algorithms (Big Data: Models And Algorithms)
DS9001 Bioinformatics (Bioinformatica)
DT0262 Biomathematics (Biomathematics)
DT0345 Business Law And Data Processing (Business Law And Data Processing)
DT0343 Business Organization (Business Organization)
I0447 C And C++ Programming Languages (C and C++ Programming Languages)
I0645 Calcolatori Elettronici (Computer Organization and Design)
F1I006 Calcolo  
F1I064 Calcolo delle Probabilità  
F1I064 Calcolo delle Probabilità (Introduction to Probability Theory)
I0643 Calcolo Delle Probabilità (Probability)
DT0022 Calcolo Delle Probabilità A (Calcolo Delle Probabilità A)
DT0022 Calcolo delle probabilità A (Probability A)
DT0028 Calcolo delle probabilità B (Probability B)
DT0003 Calcolo delle Probabilità e Statistica Matematica (Probability And Mathematical Statistics)
F0983 Calcolo Delle Probabilita' Per La Finanza (Calcolo Delle Probabilita' Per La Finanza)
F0533 Campi Elettromagnetici (Campi Elettromagnetici)
F0996 Campi Elettromagnetici I (Campi Elettromagnetici I)
F0997 Campi Elettromagnetici II (Campi Elettromagnetici II)
F0006 Chimica (CHEMISTRY)
I0203 Chimica (Chimica)
I0069 Classical Molecular Simulations (Classical molecular simulations)
I2I009 Combinatoria (Combinatoria)
I2I010 Combinatoria Nella Protezione Dell'informazione (ERROR CORRECTING CODES)
F0064 Combinatorial Optimization II (Ottimizzazione Combinatoria II)
DT0304 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatoria e Crittografia)
DT0181 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatorics and Cryptography)
DT0051 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatorics and Cryptography)
DT0422 Communication of Scientific Knowledge (Communication of Scientific Knowledge)
DT0423 Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 1 (Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 1)
DT0424 Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 2 (Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 2)
I2I013 Compatibilità Elettromagnetica (Compatibilità Elettromagnetica)
F0118 Complementi di Matematica  
DT0112 Complex analysis (Complex analysis)
DT0005 Complex Variables (Complex Variables)
DT0170 Computational Intelligence (Computational Intelligence)
I0070 Computational Materials Engineering (Computational materials engineering)
I0674 Computational Mechanics Of Structures (Computational Mechanics Of Structures)
I0071 Computational Nanotechnology (Computational nanotechnology)
F1I024 Computazione Distribuita e Concorrente  
I0670 Computer modelling and simulations of biomolecules (Computer Modelling And Simulations Of Biomolecules)
I0082 Computer Tomography (Computer tomography)
I0072 Computer-aided Material Design (Computer-aided material design)
DT0422 Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica (Communication of Scientific Knowledge)
DT0422 Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica (Communication of scientific knowledge)
I0697 Concrete Algebra (Concrete algebra)
DT0295 Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics (Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics)
I0062 Control systems (Control Systems)
I0029 Controlli Automatici (AUTOMATIC CONTROL)
DT0178 Data Analytics (Data Analytics)
DT0177 Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision (Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision)
DT0440 Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision (Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision)
DT0279 Data analytics and data mining (Data analytics and data mining)
DT0179 Data Driven Decision (Data Driven Decision)
DT0380 Data Driven Decision (Data Driven Decision)
DT0347 Database Systems (Database Systems)
DT0210 Description Logics and Web Ontologies (Description Logics and Web Ontologies )
DT0131 Didattica Della Matematica (Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education)
I0331 DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS (Trasmissioni Numeriche)
I0269 Digital Electronic Systems 1 (Elettronica Dei Sistemi Digitali 1)
DT0189 Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia (Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia)
DT0166 Distributed Systems and Web Algorithms (Distributed Systems and Web Algorithms)
I0459 Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory (Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory)
DH0003 Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory (Sistemi Dinamici e Teoria della biforcazione)
F0194 Economia (Economia)
I0648 Economia Applicata All'ingegneria (Engineering Economics)
DT0344 Economics Of Digital Transformation (Economics Of Digital Transformation)
F0161 Elaborazioni delle Immagini (Image Processing)
I0329 Electromagnetic Design (Metodi Di Progettazione Elettromagnetica)
I0652 Electromagnetic Fields (Campi Elettromagnetici)
I0565 Electronic Devices (Dispositivi Elettronici)
I0027 Electronic Technologies (Tecnologie Elettroniche)
I0658 Electronics I (Elettronica I)
F1I054 Elementi di Logica  
F1I054 Elementi di Logica (Introduction to Mathematical Logic)
F1I003 Elementi di Matematica  
I0656 Elettronica II (Electronics II)
DT0097 Elettronica Industriale per L'Automazione e l'Energia (Industrial Electronics for Automation and Energy)
I0536 Elettrotecnica (Electrotechnical)
I0032 Embedded Systems (Sistemi Embedded)
I0677 English as a foreign language (level B2) (English as a foreign language (level B2))
DT0107 English as a foreign language (level B2) (English as a foreign language (level B2))
I0117 English as Foreign Language (Level B1) (English as Foreign Language (Level B1))
I0117 English as Foreign Language (Level B1) (Inglese livello B1)
DT0276 English Language B2 (Lingua inglese B2)
F0019 English Language Level A2 (Lingua Inglese)
I0662 English language level B1 (Lingua inglese B1)
F0633 English Language Level B1 (Lingua Inglese B1)
I0592 English Language level B2 (Lingua Inglese B2)
DT0183 Environmental impact of EM fields (Impatto Ambientale Dei Campi Elettromagnetici)
DT0161 Equation of Mathematical Physics (Equazioni della fisica matematica )
I0475 Experimental Training And Training Seminars (Experimental training and training seminars)
DT0323 Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions (Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions)
I0145 Financial Mathematics (Financial Mathematics)
I0076 Financial Mathematics, Computational Finance And Risk Management (Financial mathematics, computational finance and risk management)
F0075 Fisica (Fisica)
F0143 Fisica (Physics)
I0199 Fisica Generale I (General Physics 1)
I0205 Fisica Generale II (Fisica Generale II)
DT0100 Fisica generale II (General Physics II)
F0061 Fisica I (Fisica I)
302130 Fisica II  
F0501 Fisica II (Fisica II)
F0885 Fisica Matematica 2  
F0531 Fisica Moderna (Fisica Moderna)
F1I008 Fondamenti dell'Informatica I (Foundations of Computer Science I)
309030 Fondamenti dell'Informatica: Algoritmi e Dati Distribuiti  
308130 Fondamenti dell'Informatica: Semantica dei Sistemi Distribuiti e Paralleli  
I0044 Fondamenti Di Comunicazioni (Communications Fundamentals)
I0265 Fondamenti Di Informatica (Fundamentals of Informatics)
F1I057 Fondamenti di Programmazione  
F0050 Fondamenti di Programmazione con Laboratorio (Foundations Of Programming And Laboratory)
F0191 Formal Methods (Metodi Formali)
F0190 Formal Methods and Verification of Complex systems (Metodi Formali e di Verifica)
DT0131 Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education (Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education)
DT0124 Foundation of Mathematics (Foundation of Mathematics)
F0196 Foundations of Computer Science II (Fondamenti dell'informatica II)
I0051 Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering (Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering)
I0197 Geometria (Geometry)
DT0018 Geometria A (Geometry A)
F0045 Geometria B (Geometria B)
DT0019 Geometria B (Geometry B)
F0497 Geometria III (Geometria III)
F0087 Geometria Superiore 2 (Geometria Superiore 2)
FN Geometria Superiore 2 mod. I (Geometria Superiore 2 mod. I)
FN Geometria Superiore 2 mod. II (Geometria Superiore 2 mod. II)
F1I046 Gestione dell'Informazione Aziendale  
F2I006 Gestione della Produzione e della Logistica Aziendale + Laboratorio  
I0692 Graphs And Algorithms (Graphs and algorithms)
DT0252 High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations (High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations)
DT0125 History of Mathematics (History of Mathematics)
DT0349 ICT Security (ICT Security)
I0731 If Fluid Dynamics Turns To Biology (ip) Ii (If fluid dynamics turns to biology (IP) II)
F0195 Industrial Applications of Operations Research (Gestione della Produzione e della Logistica Aziendale)
I0429 Industrial Seminars And Training (Industrial seminars and training)
F0060 Informatica (Introduction to Computer Science)
310230 Informatica Applicata: Applicazioni su Reti  
310130 Informatica Applicata: Commercio Elettronico  
DT0199 Informatica forense (Computer Forensics)
F1I044 Informatica Grafica  
DT0211 Information Retrieval (Information Retrieval)
DS9003 Information Systems and Network Security (Information Systems and Network Security)
I0665 Ingegneria degli Algoritmi (Algorithm Engineering)
F1I018 Ingegneria del Software  
I0339 Ingegneria Del Software (Software Engineering)
F1I018 Ingegneria del Software (Software Engineering)
F1I018 Ingegneria del Software (Software Engineering)
F0146 Ingegneria del Software con Laboratorio (Software Engineering with Lab)
F0156 Ingegneria del Software II (Software Engineering II)
I0650 Ingegneria e Tecnologia dei Sistemi di Controllo (CONTROL SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY)
F0070 Intelligent Agents (Agenti Intelligenti)
DT0201 Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory (Intelligent Systems And Robotics Laboratory)
F0072 Intelligenza Artificiale I (Artificial Intelligence I)
F0072 Intelligenza Artificiale I (Intelligenza Artificiale I)
F1I039 Intelligenza Artificiale II (Artificial Intelligence II)
DT0077 Intensive Programme (Intensive Programme)
I0675 Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Scieces (Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Scieces)
I0673 Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Sciences (Intensive Programme On Mathematical Models In Life Sciences)
F1I030 Interfacce Uomo-Macchina  
I0729 Introduction To Biomathematics (Introduction to biomathematics)
DT0148 Introduzione alla Elettrotecnica (Introduction to Electrical Engineering)
DT0305 Introduzione alla Geometria Algebrica (Introduction to Algebraic Geometry)
DT0025 Istituzioni Di Analisi Superiore (Istituzioni Di Analisi Superiore )
F1195 Istituzioni Di Geometria Superiore I (Foundations of Advanced Geometry I)
DT0254 Kinetic and hydrodynamic models (Kinetic and hydrodynamic models)
DT0346 Knowledge, Language and Representation (Knowledge, Language and Representation)
F1I013 Laboratorio di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati  
F1I010 Laboratorio di Architettura degli Elaboratori (Computer Architectures Lab)
DT0163 Laboratorio di Automatica (Laboratorio di Automatica)
DT0163 Laboratorio di Automatica (Laboratory of automatic systems)
F1I016 Laboratorio di Basi di Dati  
DT0275 Laboratorio di Compilatori (Compiler Laboratory)
F1I004 Laboratorio di Informatica  
F1I019 Laboratorio di Ingegneria del Software  
F1I019 Laboratorio di Ingegneria del Software (Software Engineering Lab)
Laboratorio di Ingegneria del Software II  
DT0258 Laboratorio di ingegneria e tecnologia dei sistemi di controllo (Laboratorio di ingegneria e tecnologia dei sistemi di controllo)
F1I031 Laboratorio di Interfacce Uomo-Macchina  
F0054 Laboratorio di Programmazione (Introduction To Programming)
F1I056 Laboratorio di Programmazione I  
F0127 Laboratorio di Programmazione II (Lab. of Programming II)
F0142 Laboratorio di Programmazione III (Lab. of Programming III)
Laboratorio di Sistemi Informatici Distribuiti  
F1I021 Laboratorio di Sistemi Operativi  
DT0196 Laboratory of SDR, SDN and IoT (Laboratory of SDR, SDN and IoT)
Lingua inglese A2  
F1001 Lingua Inglese C1  
F1I034 Linguaggi di Programmazione  
F0151 Linguaggi di Programmazione e Compilatori (Compilers)
F1I035 Linguaggi di Programmazione: Linguaggi Speciali  
DT0176 Machine Learning (Machine Learning)
DT0096 Matematica di Base (Basic Mathematics)
F0123 Matematica Discreta  
F0123 Matematica Discreta (Discrete Mathematics)
F1I070 Matematica Discreta (Discrete Mathematics I)
F1I059 Matematica Discreta I  
F1I062 Matematica Discreta II (Discrete Mathematics II)
F0889 Matematiche Complementari (Complementary Mathematics)
F0948 Matematiche Complementari (seminari) (Matematiche Complementari (seminari))
DT0110 Mathematical Economics and Finance (Mathematical Economics and Finance)
DT0247 Mathematical fluid dynamics (Mathematical fluid dynamics)
DT0247 Mathematical fluid dynamics (Mathematical fluid dynamics)
I0693 Mathematical Logic (Mathematical logic)
I0728 Mathematical Modelling And Simulation (Mathematical modelling and simulation)
I0371 Mathematical Modelling Applications To Biology And Finance  
DT0013 Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior (Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior)
DT0294 Mathematical Models In Life and Social Sciences (Mathematical Models In Life and Social Sciences)
I0705 Mathematical Models In Seismology (ip) Ii  
I0730 Mathematical Models In Seismology (ip) Iii (Mathematical models in seismology (IP) III)
F0086 Mathematical Physics 1 (Fisica Matematica 1)
DT0126 Mathematical Physics 1 (Mathematical Physics 1)
DT0249 Mathematical Physics 2 (Mathematical Physics 2)
I0171 Mathematical Structures (Mathematical Structures)
I0078 Mathematical Tools For Tumour Growth (Mathematical tools for tumour growth)
I0077 Mathematics For Biology: An Introduction (Mathematics for biology: an introduction)
I0237 Meccanica Delle Vibrazioni (Meccanica Delle Vibrazioni)
F0503 Meccanica Razionale (Rational Mechanics)
F0503 Meccanica Razionale (Rational Mechanics)
F0503 Meccanica Razionale (Rational Mechanics)
FN Meccanica Razionale mod. 1 (Meccanica Razionale mod. 1)
FN Meccanica Razionale mod. 2 (Meccanica Razionale mod. 2)
I0052 Mechanics of Solids and Materials (Mechanics of Solids and Materials)
DT0419 Metodi analitici applicati alla geometria (Analytic methods applied to geometry)
DT0419 metodi analitici applicati alla geometria (analytical methods applied to geometry)
F1I033 Metodi Formali dell'Informatica  
F2I014 Metodi Formali dell'Informatica + Laboratorio  
I0651 Misure Elettroniche (Electronic Measurements)
DT0182 Misure sui Sistemi di Telecomunicazione (Measurements for Telecommunication Systems)
DT0225 Model-Driven Engineering and Formal Methods (Model-Driven Engineering and Formal Methods)
DT0320 Modelli E Algoritmi Per La Finanza Aziendale (Models And Algorithms For Business Finance)
DT0320 Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale (Models and Algorithms for Financial Management)
F0157 Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale I (Models And Algorithms For Business Finance I)
F0993 Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale II (Models and Algorithms for Financial Management II)
FN Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod I (Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod I)
FN Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod II (Modelli e Algoritmi per la Finanza Aziendale mod II)
F0527 Modelli Matematici Dei Mercati Finanziari  
F0525 Modelli Matematici Dei Sistemi Macroscopici (Modelli Matematici Dei Sistemi Macroscopici)
I0433 Modelling, Simulation, And Optimization Of Complex Sistems (Modelling, simulation, and optimization of complex sistems)
DT0332 Modellistica Di Sistemi Elettrici E Di Elettronica Di Potenza (Modeling of Electric and Power Electronic Systems)
I00000 Modellistica e controllo di reti di telecomunicazioni (Modelling and control of communication networks)
I2I036 Modellistica E Simulazione (Modelling and Simulation)
DT0130 Modern Physics (Modern Physics)
I0591 Multimedia Algorithms and Apllications (Algoritmi E Applicazioni Multimediali)
I0271 Nanophotonics (Nanofotonica)
I0419 Nanophotonics (Nanophotonics)
DT0058 Network design (Network Design)
F0062 Network Design (Progetto di Reti)
DT0215 Network optimisation (Network optimisation)
DT0060 Network Optimization (Network Optimization)
F0160 Network Systems and Applications (Sistemi e Applicazioni su Reti)
DT0338 Networks And Decision Models (Networks And Decision Models)
F0164 Neural Networks (Reti Neurali)
I0667 Nonlinear Systems (Sistemi Nonlineari)
F094 Numerical Analysis II (Numerical Analysis II)
I0064 Numerical Approximation Of Partial Differential Equations By Finite Differences And Finite Volumes (Numerical approximation of partial differential equations by finite differences and finite volumes)
I0682 Numerical Differentiation And Integration (Numerical differentiation and integration)
DT0307 Numerical Methods For Differential Equations (Numerical Methods For Differential Equations)
DT0312 Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation (Numerical Methods For Linear Algebra And Optimisation)
I0427 Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations €“ Finite Elements (Numerical methods for partial differential equations – Finite elements)
DT0208 Object-Oriented Software Design (Object-Oriented Software Design)
DT0348 Open Data And Web Services (Open Data And Web Services)
I2I015 OPTIMAL CONTROL (Controllo Ottimo)
I0083 Optimal Control Of Ordinary Differential Equations (Optimal control of ordinary differential equations)
DT0220 Optimisation Models and Algorithms (Optimisation Models and Algorithms)
I0084 Optimisation Of Complex Systems (Optimisation of complex systems)
I0086 Optimisation: Theory And Numerical Methods (Optimisation: theory and numerical methods)
I0066 Optimization (Optimization)
I0694 Optimization I (Optimization I)
I0695 Optimization Ii (Optimization II)
F1I026 Ottimizzazione Combinatoria I  
F1I026 Ottimizzazione Combinatoria I (Combinatorial Optimization)
DT0268 Parallel computing (Parallel computing)
DT0256 Parallel Computing (Parallel Computing)
DT0194 Photonic Networks (Photonic Networks)
F0535 Principi Di Ingegneria Chimica Ambientale (Principi Di Ingegneria Chimica Ambientale)
F0994 Principi Di Ingegneria Chimica Ambientale I (Principi Di Ingegneria Chimica Ambientale I)
F0995 Principi Di Ingegneria Chimica Ambientale II (Principi Di Ingegneria Chimica Ambientale II)
DT0008 Principi e Paradigmi di Programmazione (Programming Principles and Paradigms)
I0671 Principles of structural and cell biochemistry (Principles Of Structural And Cell Biochemistry)
F0509 Probabilità (Probability)
DT0127 Probability and Stochastic Processes (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici)
I0087 Probability And Stochastic Processes (Probability and stochastic processes)
DT0040 Process and Operations Scheduling (Scheduling dei Processi e delle Operazioni)
I0053 Processi Di Generazione Di Biocombustibili (Processi Di Generazione Di Biocombustibili)
I2I037 Processi Stocastici (Processi Stocastici)
F0985 Processi Stocastici Per La Finanza (Stochastic processes in Finance)
I0664 Progettazione di Sistemi Interattivi (Designing Interactive System)
F0063 Progetto e Ottimizzazione di Reti  
F1I001 Programmazione (Programming)
DT0043 Programmazione a Oggetti (Object Oriented Programming)
I0647 Programmazione Ad Oggetti (Object Oriented Programming)
DT0336 Programming For Data Science (Programming For Data Science)
DT0185 Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels (Propagation and Modeling of Communication Channels)
I0073 Quantum Molecular Simulations (Quantum molecular simulations)
F2I003 Rappresentazione ed Elaborazione della Conoscenza  
I0030 Remote Sensing and Radio-wave Propagation (Radiopropagazione E Telerilevamento)
DT0206 Research Methodologies (Research Methodologies)
F0144 Reti di Calcolatori (Computer Networks)
I0653 Reti Di Calcolatori E Programmazione Per Il Web  
F0081 Reti di Calcolatori Evolute (Advanced Computer Networks)
I0655 Reti Di Telecomunicazioni I (Telecommunication Networks I)
I0031 Reti Di Telecomunicazioni II (Telecommunication Networks II)
F1I017 Ricerca Operativa  
F0139 Ricerca operativa e Ottimizzazione (Operation Research And Optimization)
F2I009 Ricerca Operativa II  
DT0248 Riemannian Geometry (Geometria Riemaniana)
I0375 Robotica Industriale (INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS)
I0593 Scienza E Tecnologia Dei Materiali II (Scienza E Tecnologia Dei Materiali II)
I0409 Scienze Geodetiche E Topografiche (Scienze Geodetiche E Topografiche)
I0088 Simulation Of Logistic Systems (Simulation of logistic systems)
I0666 Sistemi Di Elaborazione Dell'informazione (Information Systems)
F1I047 Sistemi Distribuiti su Rete Geografica (Distributed Systems on Geographical Networks)
F2I008 Sistemi e Applicazioni su Reti con laboratorio (Network Systems and Applications)
F1I028 Sistemi Informatici Distribuiti (Distributed Software Systems)
I0703 Sistemi Informativi Aziendali (Sistemi Informativi Aziendali)
F1I020 Sistemi Operativi  
I0654 Sistemi Operativi (Operating Systems)
DT0009 Sistemi Operativi con Laboratorio (Operating Systems with Lab)
DT0009 Sistemi Operativi con Laboratorio (Operating Systems wth Lab)
F0154 Sistemi Organizzativi  
DT0222 Software Architectures & Quality Engineering (Software Architectures & Quality Engineering)
F0174 Software Engineering II (Ingegneria del Software II)
I0169 Sources Of Artificial Intelligence (Sources of Artificial Intelligence)
DT0030 Statistica Matematica (Mathematical Statistics)
DT0363 Statistics (Statistics)
I0092 Stochastic Mechanics (Stochastic mechanics)
I0431 Stochastic Modelling And Optimization (Stochastic modelling and optimization)
DT0133 Stochastic models and applications (Stochastic models and applications)
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes)
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes)
DT0209 Sviluppo Web Avanzato (Advanced Web Development)
I0549 Systems biology (Systems Biology)
I0549 Systems biology (Systems biology)
I0042 SYSTEMS IDENTIFICATION AND DATA ANALYSIS (Identificazione Dei Sistemi E Analisi Dei Dati)
F0163 Tecnologie dei Linguaggi di Programmazione (Advanced Programming Languages)
F2I005 Tecnologie dei Linguaggi di Programmazione + Laboratorio  
F0149 Tecnologie del Web (Web Technologies)
DT0190 Telerilevamento (Remote sensing)
DT0269 Teoria dei Linguaggi (Theory of Languages)
I0637 Teoria dei Sistemi (Control Systems Analysis)
F0158 Teoria dell'Informazione (Information Theory)
F0150 Teoria della Calcolabilità e Complessità (Introduction to Computability and Complexity)
F1I042 Teoria delle Code  
I0391 Teoria Delle Strutture (Teoria Delle Strutture)
DT0104 Time Series And Prediction (Time series and prediction)
Tirocinio Interno su Sistemi Operativi  
I0085 Traffic Flow Models (Traffic flow models)
I0100 Utilizzazione Delle Energie Rinnovabili (Utilizzazione Delle Energie Rinnovabili)
F2I026 Verification of Complex systems (Verifica dei Sistemi Complessi)
DT0180 Web Engineering (Web Engineering)
I2T014 WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS (Comunicazioni Wireless)
I0090 Workshop Of Mathematical Modelling (Workshop of mathematical modelling)