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Degree Council, Master Degree in Computer Science

The degree council for the Master Degree in Computer Science has the following composition:




  • Samuel Finocchio (samueldotfinocchioatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Matteo Gioia (matteodotgioia1atstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Giorgio Innamorati (giorgiodotinnamoratiatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Gianluca Rea (gianlucadotreaatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Davide Ricci (davidedotricciatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Alex Ruggieri (alexdotruggieriatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Francesco Zappacosta (francescodotzappacostaatstudentdotunivaqdotit)