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From this page you can access the detailed information on all our courses, including online resources, news, timetables, etc. Cannot find the course you're looking for? This list shows only the active courses. Use the filter function to search between not active courses, too. If you are interested only to the courses of a specific didactic area, click on its name on the left menu.

Code Name Teachers Language Sem. ECTS SSD Degrees Notes


DT0121 Advanced Algebra (Algebra Superiore) MAT/02 F4M I
  Module Advanced Algebra 2 (Algebra Superiore 2) Gavioli en 2nd 6     M
  Module Advanced Algebra 1 (Algebra Superiore 1 ) Guerrieri en 1st 6     M
DT0113 Advanced Analysis (Advanced Analysis ) MAT/05 F4M I4W I
  Module Advanced Analysis 1 (Advanced Analysis 1) Lattanzio en 1st 6     M
  Module Advanced Anaysis 2 (Advanced Anaysis 2) Spirito en 2nd 6     M
DT0117 Advanced Geometry (Geometria Superiore ) MAT/03 F4M I
  Module Advanced Geometry 1 (Geometria Superiore 1) Bedulli en 1st 6     M
  Module Advanced Geometry 2 (Geometria Superiore 2) Bedulli en 2nd 6     M
DT0246 Advanced Numerical Analysis (Advanced Numerical Analysis ) en 2nd 6 MAT?08 F4M


DT0262 Biomathematics (Biomathematics) Di Francesco , Pignotti en 1st MAT/05 F4M I4W R


DT0051 Combinatorics and Cryptography (Combinatorics and Cryptography) Gavioli en 2nd 6 MAT/02 F4M I4W
DT0422 Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica (Communication of Scientific Knowledge) F4M I
  Module Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 1 (Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica mod. 1) Guerrieri en 1st 3     M
  Module Comunicazione della conoscenza scientifica mod. 2 (Communication of Scientific Knowledge mod. 2) Freguglia it 1st 3     M


DT0440 Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision (Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision) Felici , Rossi en 2nd 6 MAT/09 F4I F4M
DT0131 Didattica Della Matematica (Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education) Livorni it 1st 12 MAT/04 F4M


DT0131 Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education (Foundation and Methodology of Mathematics Education) Livorni it 1st 12 MAT/04 F4M
DT0124 Foundation of Mathematics (Foundation of Mathematics) Freguglia it 1st 6 MAT/04 F4M


DT0252 High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations (High Performance Computing Laboratory and Applications to differential equations) Guglielmi en 1st 6 MAT/08 F4M I4W


DT0254 Kinetic and hydrodynamic models (Kinetic and hydrodynamic models) Colangeli en 2nd 6 MAT/07 F4M I4W


DT0110 Mathematical Economics and Finance (Mathematical Economics and Finance) Giuli en 1st 6 SECS-S/06 F3M F4M I4W
DT0247 Mathematical fluid dynamics (Mathematical fluid dynamics) Donatelli en 1st 6 MAT/05 F4M
DT0013 Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior (Mathematical Models for Collective Behavior) Amadori en 1st MAT/05 F4M I4W R
DT0126 Mathematical Physics 1 (Mathematical Physics 1) Merola en 2nd 6 MAT/07 F4M
DT0249 Mathematical Physics 2 (Mathematical Physics 2) Colangeli en 2nd 6 MAT/07 F4M I4T R
DT0130 Modern Physics (Modern Physics) Nardone it 2nd 6 FIS/01 F4M


DT0307 Numerical Methods For Differential Equations (Numerical Methods For Differential Equations) D'Ambrosio en 2nd 6 MAT/08 F4M


DT0127 Probability and Stochastic Processes (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici) F4M I
  Module Probability e Stochastic Processes 1 (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici 1) Gabrielli en 1st 6     M
  Module Probability and Stochastic Processes 2 (Probabilità e Processi Stocastici 2) De Masi en 2nd 6     M


DT0248 Riemannian Geometry (Geometria Riemaniana) Nelli , Pipoli en 2nd 6 MAT/03 F4M


DT0133 Stochastic models and applications (Stochastic models and applications) Antonelli en 1st 6 MAT/06 F4M
DT0052 Stochastic Processes (Stochastic Processes) Tsagkarogiannis en 2nd 6 MAT/06 F4M I4W


DT0104 Time Series And Prediction (Time series and prediction) Triacca it 1st 6 SECS-P/05 F4M I4W