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Course Catalogue - Interdisciplinary Area

In this section you can find a short list showing the basic information of all the courses offered by DISIM to foreign students. Use the controls below to filter the list according to a specific didactic area or degree.

The course detail pages, which show all the information available for each course formatted according to the TUNING methodology, can be accessed by clicking on the course names.

Code Name Teachers Language Sem. ECTS Notes


DT0383 Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning   Caianiello en 1st 6 R


DT0343 Business Organization   Sammarra en 1st 6


DT0380 Data Driven Decision   Felici , Rossi en 2nd 6 R
DT0347 Database Systems   Arcelli en 1st 6


DT0344 Economics Of Digital Transformation   Iapadre en 2nd 6


DT0346 Knowledge, Language and Representation   Lando en 1st 6


DT0338 Networks And Decision Models   Arbib , Stilo en 1st 12 I


DT0348 Open Data And Web Services   Autili , Perucci en 2nd 6


DT0363 Statistics   Antonelli , Antonelli , Triacca en 1st 12 I