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Degree Council, Bachelor Degree in Mathematics

The degree council for the Bachelor Degree in Mathematics has the following composition:




  • Ludovica Cisternino (ludovicadotcisterninoatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Elisabetta Di Francesco (elisabettadotdifrancescoatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Filippo Di Tillio (filippodotditillioatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Daniele Florindi (danieledotflorindiatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Eva Gjinaj (evadotgjinajatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Martina Miseri (martinadotmiseriatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Valeria Pucci (valeriadotpucciatstudentdotunivaqdotit)
  • Michela Salcuni (micheladotsalcuniatstudentdotunivaqdotit)