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Attenzione: questa notizia era valida fino al 23/05/2019. Attualmente è archiviata, quindi il suo contenuto potrebbe non essere più valido

Dettaglio Notizia

Formal Methods: seminar at GSSI

The extra lecture of Formal Methods fixed for Wednesday, 22nd May (14.30-16.30, room A1.6) will not take place as it is replaced by a seminar at GSSI by Prof. Alessandro Cimatti on "Logics at work" at 15.00 (see abstract and link below).

All students of Formal Methods, past and present, are invited to participate!

Schedule: 22 May, 3pm
Place: GSSI - Library Room, v. Francesco Crispi 7
Speaker: Alessandro Cimatti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy)
Title: “Logics at work”
Abstract: Mathematical logic, conceived as a means to formalize mathematical reasoning, has become, in the last decades, an engineering tool for the development of high-complexity systems. It helps to unambiguously represent the problem of the correctness of a design, and can be used to pinpoint defects and to ensure certification. Logic underlies many software tools for model based design and verification, that are successfully employed at various stages of the industrial development, from requirement analysis, to functional verification, to safety and security analysis. In this talk I will overview the technology transfer of Logic-based approaches to critical sectors such as avionics, space, railways, industrial production, and autonomous systems.