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Attenzione: questa notizia era valida fino al 16/12/2019. Attualmente è archiviata, quindi il suo contenuto potrebbe non essere più valido

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Two seminars by Visiting Prof. Rafael Bordini

Visiting Prof. Rafael Bordini will give the following two seminars on December 17th:

First seminar:
Engineering Intelligent Interactive Systems with Multi-Agent Oriented Programming?
Tuesday, December 17th, 9:30am, Alan Turing Seminar Room

In this talk, I briefly overview work recently conducted by my research group on extending platforms for the engineering and development of multi-agent systems named Jason and JaCaMo so they incorporate various AI techniques.
In particular, work on the integration of Argumentation Theory and Ontological Reasoning into those programming platform is briefly presented.
I also mention in this talk some of our target applications, including healthcare, autonomous vehicles and disaster rescue.
To conclude, I discuss future directions on the combination of various AI techniques into multi-agent oriented programming and the impact they could have on the engineering and development of intelligent interactive systems.

Second seminar (in two parts):
A Tutorial on Engineering Intelligent Systems with JaCaMo?
Wednesday, December 17th, 11:30am (first part) and 14:30pm (second part), Alan Turing Seminar Room

In this tutorial we will present the main features of a platform for the development of intelligent autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, and of autonomous systems in general.
The platform is based on Jason for the development of individual agents, CArtAgO for the development of shared environments, and Moise   for the development of agent organisations that can be used to regulate the joint work of multiple autonomous agents. The tutorial is divided into two parts.
The first covers the required conceptual notions and the second is a more practical session on using the programming platform.