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Teachers - Information Engineering Area

Below is a list of all our lecturers. Further details are available by clicking on each name. Cannot find the person you're looking for? This list shows all the teachers currently working in this department . Click here to see the list of teachers of any currently active course or the list of teachers of any current (also not active) course .

Surname Name Contact info Courses CV


Pomante Luigi
Office hours: by appointment
[I0032] Embedded Systems  [I4I]  [I4T]  [I3N]
Pratesi Marco
Email: marcodotpratesiatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0193] Advanced and Software Defined Networks  [I4T]
[I0655] Reti Di Telecomunicazioni I  [I3N]


Rinaldi Claudia
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0189] Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia  [I4T]


Sampalmieri Rosella Colomba
Office hours: Wed 17:00-19:00
[I0201] Analisi Mat. II  [I3N]
[DT0005] Complex Variables  [I4W]
Santucci Fortunato
Office hours: Tue 12:00-13:00 ,
   Wed 12:00-13:00
[I0646] Analisi Ed Elaborazione Dei Segnali  [I3N]
Smarra Francesco
Email: francescodotsmarraatunivaqdotit
Office hours: Wed 12:00-13:00
[DT0163 ] Lab. di Automatica  [I4I]
Stornelli Vincenzo
Office hours: by appointment
[I0565] Electronic Devices  [I4W]
[I0027] Electronic Technologies  [I3N]


Tarantino Laura
Office hours: Thu 14:30-16:30
[I0645] Calcolatori Elettronici  [I3N]
[I0664] Progettazione di Sist. Interattivi  [I4I]
Tatone Amabile
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0006] A primer in mechanics  [I4W]
[DT0098] An introduction to continuum mechanics  [I4W]
[DT0295] Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics  [I4W]
[I0052] Mechanics of Biomaterials  [I4W]
[I0052] Mechanics of Solids and Materials  [I4W]


Valentini Francesco
Email: francescodotvalentini1atunivaqdotit
Office hours: Tue 15:00-17:00
[DT0310] Laboratory Of Advanced Networks  [I4I]  [I4T]