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Armundia Group s.r.l.

Test Engineer Armundia Group is a company specializing in the design, supply and implementation of IT solutions as well as the provision of specialist consultancy services for the banking, financial and insurance sector. With offices based in Rome, Milan, Florence and L’Aquila, the Armundia Group benefits from a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals producing high-level solutions which employ the latest cutting-edge technologies securely, efficiently and reliably. Today, Armundia Group is an international reality and continues to grow with projects and consultancy in seven countries spread over two continents and has implemented its solutions into more than 70 financial and insurance institutions. The group controls Armundia srl, which is based in Rome, and...
Riferimento accademico: Giovanni De Gasperis

Intermediate test grades

In attachment the grades of the intermediate test of April 11th, 2019

Results test B2 Prof. Marottoli

Results English test B2 12th February 2020 for Computer Science, Information Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering.

Minimum score accepted 55

236112/55, 249176/55, 251313/69, 242128/62, 251811/59, 254187/67, 265315/74, 249619/67,

255772/26 (not admitted)

English Test B1: minimum score accepted 50


The oral part will take place tomorrow, Friday 14th February at 9,30 class 1.1 Coppito 1.

Posticipo Esame Inglese B2, Prof. Paolini Marco

L' Esame di Inglese B2, Prof. Paolini Marco, verra' posticipato al giorno 14.02.2020 alle ore 11,30 presso l'aula A 1.3.

Test di Lingua Spagnola studenti Erasmus+ a.a. 2020-21

Test di Lingua Spagnola studenti Erasmus+ a.a. 2020-21
Si comunica il link relativo al Test di Lingua Spagnola studenti Erasmus+ a.a. 2020-21:

Bando Erasmus+ Studio A.A. 2020/2021: presentazione Aquilasmus

Si avvisa gli studenti che lunedì 10 febbraio 2020 alle ore 15.00 nell'aula Tomassetti (Coppito 1) l'associazione studentesca Aquilasmus - ESN L'Aquila presenterà il Bando Erasmus+ Studio A.A. 2020/2021 pubblicato nei giorni scorsi sul sito di Ateneo.

Posticipo orario esame Equazione della fisica Matematica, Prof. Serva del giorno 05.02.2020

L'esame di Equazione della Fisica Matematica, Prof. Serva, del giorno 05.02.2020, sarà posticipato alle ore 12,00.

Aula esami Proff. Rubino e Pignotti del 31.01.2020

Gli esami del giorno 31.01.2020 dei Proff. Rubino e Pignotti si svolgeranno nell'aula D 2.31.

Results test B2 Prof. Marottoli

Results English test B2 29th January 2020 for Computer Science, Information Engineering , Automation and Telecommunications Engineering Minimum score accepted 32 267040/35; 236112/21; 261544/32; 238857/46; 262523/35; 257080/48; 265202/33; 237097/37; 268014/33; 264052/34; 249147/46; 255086/45; 262653/48; 247835/34;   268972/35;...

Results test B1 Prof. Marottoli

Results English B1 Test 27th January 2020 for Computer Science and Information Engineering

Minimum score accepted for Grammar: 21; total 44.

241998/; 243542/13; 233404/49; 259164/15; 247848/2; 260608/9; 244067/14; 242016/48; 252311/16.

For the two students who have passed the written test, the oral will take place next Friday 31st January at 9,30 class A1.1 Blocco 0.