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News - Information Engineering Area


This section contains news about courses, lectures and exams. Use the links below to switch to another news section or return to the first page.

[info]Archived News

Risultati Test Inglese B1 16 Luglio Prof.ssa Marottoli

Results Test B1 16th July 2019 Minimum score accepted: 20 for Grammar, 50 with language.

Computer science

Failed: 259326/8, 261767/14, 254639/17, 259865/16, 260795/7, 261740/11, 247286/45, 261752/12, 261144/13, 258845/16, 261764/9, 246816/17, 243748/17, 242016/17, 258846/9, 261754/13, 253382/47.

Passed: 243487/50, 258946/56, 261824/57, 260552/68, 251850/58, 259876/51, 255486/59, 258892/50,

258841/51, 261124/59.

Information Engineering

Failed: 259117/47, 259859/13, 262337/10, 253776/5, 260607/10, 247835/39, 259068/11, 259310/12.

Passed: 244676/60, 241958/53, 260122/55, 259872/67, 249208/52, 243846/69, 262703/56, 246313/56,

233676/70, 259257/55, 210626/57, 246946/55, 241586/66.

Formal Methods: results 15/07/2019

The results of the written exam of Formal Methods that took place on July 15th are in attachment. Students are invited to have a look at the correction of their papers on Thursday, July 18th (10.00-12.00) or by appointment.

The oral exams can be taken on Thursday 18th (afternoon), Friday 19th or Monday 22nd, or in the next exam session in September. 

Course Ricerca operativa e Ottimizzazione (Integrato)

The oral test of Combinatorial Optimization and Optimization Models and Algorithms will take place on Wednesday, July 17th starting at 10:30 am at the teacher's room.

In attachment, the list of students who passed the written test (with the respective grades). 

Appello di Laurea I Livello in Ingegneria dell'informazione, LM in Ingegneria Informatica e Automatica e LM in Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni del 20 Luglio 2019

In allegato l'elenco laureandi Seduta di Laurea I Livello in Ingegneria dell'informazione-LM in Ing. Informatica e Automatica - LM in Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni del 20 Luglio 2019

Risultati Test Inglese B2 4 Luglio Prof.ssa Marottoli

Results English B2 Test 4th July 2019 for Computer Science and Information Engineering

Minimum score accepted 48

Information Engineering: 246819/58; 245484/57; 244161/42; 264080/46.

Computer Science: 263913/57; 263910/59; 246991/58; 247052/67; 244309/41; 254429/56.

The oral will be held on Monday 15th July 2019 at 15 in class A0.4 Blocco 0.


Le notizie, gli avvisi, l'orario del ricevimento Studenti,  il materiale didattico o i link  ad esso per il corso di Analisi Matematica II-Ingegneria dell'informazione, si trovano sulla pagina del corso sulla piattaforma e-learning.

Gli Studenti interessati sono pregati di iscriversi al corso del loro anno accademico.