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Teachers - Interdisciplinary Area

Below is a list of all our lecturers. Further details are available by clicking on each name. Cannot find the person you're looking for? This list shows the teachers of any current (also not active) course . Click here to see the list of teachers of any currently active course or the list of teachers currently working at the DISIM .

Surname Name Contact info Courses CV


Iapadre Lelio
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0344] Economics Of Digital Transformation  [F4Y]


Lando Giorgio
Office hours: Mon 14:00-16:00
[DT0346] Knowledge, Language and Representation  [F4Y]


Sammarra Alessia
Email: alessiadotsammarraatunivaqdotit
Office hours: by appointment
[DT0343] Business Organization  [F4Y]