Networked Embedded Systems HW/SW CO-Design

The research activity is related to the networked embedded systems area, and can be split in two main research lines. The first one is related to the development of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) methodologies and tools for dedicated HW/SW systems (possibly embedded and/ore real-time) based on heterogeneous parallel architectures. The second one is related to the development of HW/SW platforms and middleware for wireless sensor networks (WSN) with the aim to provide to the SW application advanced services with respect to the ones provided by low-level system software (e.g. Localization, GIS, Personal Identification, Security, QoS, Sound Generation). Recently, such a research line is related also to EDA methodologies and tools for WSN development.  Running projects in the NESCODE area: PRESTO (, CRAFTERS (, VISION (, SMILING (