Artificial Agents and Artificial Intelligence

Research work of this group concerns various fields of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Logic, in particular Artificial Software Agents (languages and formalisms,  Complex Event Processing, run-time self-checking), Agent-based Cognitive Robotics, Learning and Evolving Agents, Answer Set Programming (ASP). 

The group has developed the agent-oriented logic programming language DALI, equipped with many advanced features for Complex Event Processing, and RASP, which extends ASP with resources and preferences. Under way advanced studies focus on the application of Information Theory to the problem of multivariate and multicategorical probabilistic classification and the problem of feature selection for outlier detection with mainstream neural networks and SVM classifiers. Group members are involved in several international projects and partnerships with other Universities, and in mentoring and teaching young people in these topics. Advanced applications range from intelligent energy systems to bioinformatics, adaptive control, and fault-detection, with the goal of a synergic integration of symbolic and non-symbolic components.