Gianni Rosa

PhD student

Blocco Zero, Room
I am PhD student at the DISIM Computer Science Department of the University of L’Aquila. 
My research concerns Model Driven Engineering (MDE), bidirectional model transformations, uncertainty in software engineering, transformation analysis, coupled evolution and generative techniques for Web development.
Currently I am investigating on techniques for represent and measure uncertainty in bidirectional transformations. I am working on JTL (Janus Transformation Language), a constraint-based model transformation language specifically tailored to support bidirectionality. 

Moreover, I'm involved in the following European projects:

Finally, my expertises concerns also traditional software development within the JEE architectures, LAMP platform and .NET Framework.
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· Romina Eramo, Alfonso Pierantonio, Gianni Rosa Uncertainty in Bidirectional Transformation, in: 36th International Conference on Software Engineering (MISE), Hyderabad, India