Massimiliano Giuli

Associate Professor

Coppito 1, Room 1033
+39 0862 434885

Research Interests:

Variational inequalities

Equilibrium problems

Generalized monotonicity

Generalized convexity

Nonsmooth analysis

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Office hours:
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Papers in refereed journals:

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Papers in refereed books:

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Conference proceedings:          

  1.      Giuli, M., Vespri, V.: Speculative dynamics and feedback trading. A nonlinear model, Atti del XXX Convegno AMASES (Trieste, 2006)
  2.      Giuli, M., Monte, R.: Diffusion processes in financial a market under heterogeneous trading and learning, Extended abstract su Atti del XXV Convegno AMASES (Firenze, 2001) 
  3.      Colombo, F., Giuli, M., Vespri, V.: Generation of smoothing semigroups by degenerate elliptic operators arising in financial mathematics, Atti del XXII Convegno AMASES (Genova, 1998), 137--152



  1.     Barucci, E., Giuli, M., Monte, R.: Asset Prices under Bounded Rationality and Noise Trading, Dipartimento di Statistica e matematica applicata all’economia, Università di Pisa, Report n. 181, June 2000