Maurizio Maravalle

Full Professor

Coppito 1, Room 1061

Scientific activity

His research work has been applied –on a theoretical level- to data multivariate analysis problems

particularly to those ones, which are into an overlapping area between statistic and optimization,

such as classification- and bound classification problems; on an application level, his research has

been addressed to the study of physical environmental systems and especially of economic ones.

His work is divided into two main areas: one concerning the study of time series and the other

concerning data multivariate analysis.

Time series

He develops some subjects within stationary stochastic processes, which become object of seminars

and publications at Rome University (1969). Then he is interested in the approach to time series by

spectral analysis bent on the identification of the structure which produces series. In this field he

publishes a text (1974) inclusive of calculation problems and some articles about the joint use of

multivariate techniques with those ones, which are peculiar of spectral analysis in order to data

analysis. He applies to the study of stochastic processes and their representation: According to Box

and Jenkins he underlines the modellization aspect and during the statistics-mathematics course at

L’Aquila University he carries out his own teaching support (1983). From the necessity to operate

on theoretical and application level he sets some interesting and innovative methods for seasonal

(1981) and seasonal adjustment problems (1998) of time series. He recently carries out a research

together with ISTAT about the individuation of methods for the forward valuation of important

economics marks (1992 and 1995).

Multivariate analysis

He is in multivariate analysis problems on the occasion of a stage at Direction Scientifique of Sema

in Paris, when he has a chance to make contact with the students of Analyse des Données school,

which has in J.P. Benzécrì its undisputed Master. He attends the Laboratoire at P. & M. Curie

University and he gets in this new area, which –born in the 70s- has further increased the field of

methods at disposal for the study of complex phenomena together with the development of data

processing abilities. On his return to Italy he supervises the spreading of one of the first packages of

the area (PSD Data Structuring Programs) and he makes a contribution to calculation processes

(1970) and their diffusion by including them in the program of a course at O.R. School since 1974.

He particularly works about some classification methods applied to the analysis on the territory

(1974 and 1976) and he points out that a lot of clustering problems are formally equivalent to

optimization problems of graphs best partition type (1976). So he works out an algorithm of best

partition of common graphs (1979) which, if they are put into calculation programs, they allow to

compare their soundness and whose performances are still compared successfully (1955) many

years from its first original realization.

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Monday 15:00 - 16:00

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