Nicola Epicoco


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Since August 2019, I am Assistant Professor (RTDa) in Automatic Control at the Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics (DISIM) of the University of L’Aquila. I am a member of the Centre of Excellence DEWS (Design methodologies for Embedded controllers, Wireless interconnect and System–on–chip).

I received the Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari and, in 2015, the Ph.D. degree Electrical and Information Engineering at the same polytechnic, where I was Post-doctoral Research Fellows from December 2016 to July 2019.

My research interests include fuzzy logic, game theory, modeling, simulation, optimization, management, and control of dynamic systems, and particularly complex networks, such as supply chains, manufacturing systems, traffic networks, transportation systems, energy systems.

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