Romina Eramo


Blocco Zero, Room 210
+39 0862 43 3173

Research Fellow in the Department of Information Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of L'Aquila, Italy. Scientific interests are in Software Engineering and Model-Driven Engineering, e.g., model transformations, bidirectionality, and complex model management. Busy with an EMF-based framework (, for bidirectional model transformation engine that is able to maintain consistency between software artifacts and keep traceability during the software design. Further interests include Performance and Dependability Software Engineering, Domain-Specific Modelling Languages, Model-based Engineering in the Complex Software Systems and Embedded Systems domain. Involved in program committees, chairing, and reviewing activities for several international conferences and journals, e.g., ECMFA, BX, SLE, STAF, MODELS, SOSYM, JSS, JOT.

Among the recent contributions to the community: 

- Publicity chair of the Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF 2019) conferences. 
- Co-chair of the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering Artifact Evaluation (SLE AE 2018). 
- Co-chair of the International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations (BX 2017). 
- Member of the Program Committee of International Conferences and Workshops (eg, ECMFA, SLE AE, BX, MODELS-POSTER). 
- Reviewer for International Journals (eg, SOSYM, JSS, JOT, STVR). 

Among the projects: 
MegaMart2 ECSEL-JU : An scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems 
JTL: EMF-based framework for bidirectional model transformations, consistency management, and traceability.
APP Abruzzo: Technology transfer and start-up of ICT innovative companies.
- RIDITT Ricostruire: Technology transfer and creation of new businesses in the field of advanced ICT technologies applied to economic and territorial development post earthquake. 
- E-Health Technology: Innovative services through web-based services and mobile technologies for industrial research and experimental development.

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Five selected publications: 

 - A. Bucaioni, L. Addazi, A. Cicchetti, F. Ciccozzi, R. Eramo, S. Mubeen, M. Sjödin: MoVES: A Model-Driven Methodology for Vehicular Embedded Systems. IEEE Access 6: 6424-6445 (2018) 
 - V. Cortellessa, R. Eramo, M. Tucci: Availability-Driven Architectural Change Propagation Through Bidirectional Model Transformations Between UML and Petri Net Models. ICSA 2018: 125-134 
 - R. Eramo, A. Pierantonio, G. Rosa: Managing uncertainty in bidirectional model transformations. SLE 2015: 49-58 
 - R. Eramo, I. Malavolta, H. Muccini, P. Pelliccione, A. Pierantonio: A model-driven approach to automate the propagation of changes among Architecture Description Languages. Software and System Modeling 11(1): 29-53 (2012) 
 - A. Cicchetti, D. Di Ruscio, R. Eramo, A. Pierantonio: JTL: A Bidirectional and Change Propagating Transformation Language. SLE 2010: 183-202