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    15 luglio
    dalle ore 9 alle ore 11

    Giornata di orientamento ed informazione sui percorsi di studio triennali e magistrali

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    triennale e magistrale

  • Lauree Triennali


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The Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics at Università degli Studi dell'Aquila represents an internationally recognized pole for teaching and research in Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Pure and Applied Mathematics. The Department offers degree programs in both Italian and English which aims to prepare experts in the typical ICT & Math disciplines, with a strong focus on methodology and an interdisciplinary approach. Our students receive the skills and expertise they need to grasp the many opportunities offered by the rapid developments in our fields of interest. 


International Day of Mathematics

Each year all countries will be invited to celebrate the IDM with mathematics activities in schools and with the general public, under a (non mandatory) theme. Announcements of ...

DisponibilitÓ di tesi di laurea e laurea magistrale nel campo della robotica cognitiva

Dr. Eng. Giovanni De Gasperis is available as thesis supervisor and master's degree in Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering on topics in the field of cognitive ...

Job Posting at EY

Nell'ambito del competence center Ernst & Young su Robotic Process Automation, è in corso una selezione di personale in cui si richiedono i seguenti profili:  JOB ...