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14 LUGLIO 2021


Schedule: Tuesday July 20th, 2021 at 14:30 Italian time (13:30 GMT)

Speaker: Dr. Mattia D'Emidio (DISIM, University of L'Aquila)


Title: Massive inputs vs massive decentralization: some algorithmic challenges in modern computing systems



In this talk, we present a high-level overview of two lines of research that have been extensively pursued in the last decade in the field of algorithmics. Specifically, we first survey some of the main challenges, and how they have been addressed so far, introduced by the increasing demand for scalable graph algorithms, i.e. algorithms able to solve (even simple) computational problems effectively also when the given input graph is massive in size (i.e. having millions of vertices/arcs). For such inputs, in fact, traditional, well-established algorithmic methods often fail at being practical, inducing unsustainable time/memory overheads in the large variety of applications where they are employed, e.g. route planners or search engines. Then, we give a general description of some of the foundational algorithmic issues related to multi-entity computing systems, that is distributed systems made of a large number of mobile, inter-connected, autonomous devices operating in a spatial universe. Such systems have become more and more popular thanks to advancements in hardware miniaturization (see, e.g., robotic swarms or software agents in communication networks) and have called for innovative research with the main objective of systematically determining what computational tasks can be performed by the entities, under what conditions, and at what cost.

Link Webex:https://univaq.webex.com/univaq/j.php?MTID=m05e43773e5c80daacb144e05fb2e684c
Meeting number: 137 815 4957

4 Marzo 2021


Preso atto del perdurare di una situazione epidemiologica critica e considerato che la mobilità degli studenti universitari può rappresentare un maggior fattore di diffusione dell’infezione, l’Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, aggiornando disposizioni precedenti, ha deciso di adottare la didattica a distanza sino al giorno 6 aprile 2021, riservandosi di rivedere tale modalità in relazione all’evoluzione della situazione sanitaria o ad interventi delle autorità competenti a livello regionale o nazionale. Tutte le norme e le prescrizioni da rispettare sono consultabili al seguente indirizzo: https://www.univaq.it/include/utilities/blob.php?item=allegato&table=avviso&id=15250.

Ricordiamo a tutte le studentesse e a tutti gli studenti che tutta la didattica sarà fruibile in modalità sincrona (ovvero mediante streaming live) sui nostri canali Teams, secondo gli orari consultabili cliccando sul seguente pulsante:

Orari II Semestre



Noting the persistence of a critical epidemiological situation and the fact that the mobility of university students can be a greater spread of infection factor, the University of L'Aquila, updating previous provisions, decided to adopt the distance learning up as of 6 April 2021, reserving the right to review this method in relation to the evolution of the health situation or interventions by the competent authorities at regional or national level. All the rules and regulations to be respected can be consulted at the following address: https://www.univaq.it/include/utilities/blob.php?item=allegato&table=avviso&id=15250.

We remind the students that all the teaching will be available in synchronous mode (or by live streaming) on our channels teams and the times are consulted by clicking on the following button:

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