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Welcome to DISIM

The Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics at Università degli Studi dell'Aquila represents an internationally recognized pole for teaching and research in Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Pure and Applied Mathematics. The Department offers degree programs in both Italian and English which aims to prepare experts in the typical ICT & Math disciplines, with a strong focus on methodology and an interdisciplinary approach. Our students receive the skills and expertise they need to grasp the many opportunities offered by the rapid developments in our fields of interest.

Prof. Lionello Pasquini

Il prof. Lionello Pasquini, ordinario di Analisi Numerica. già direttore del Dipartimento di Matematica Pura e Applicata dal 1986 al 1994, si è spento dopo lunga malattia a Roma lo scorso Mercoledì 13. Leggi

Prof. Józef Myjak

Il Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze dell’Informazione e Matematica comunica con dolore e commozione la triste notizia della scomparsa del Prof. Józef Myjak, già professore ordinario di Analisi Matematica dal 1987 al 2010 e Direttore del Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata dal 1994 al 2006. Leggi


Accenture: offerta di lavoro

Accenture Technology Solutions Neolaureati in Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni, Ingegneria Elettronica, Matematica e Fisica - per assunzioni nell'area IT - Accenture Technology ...

Master Web Technology FAQLive

Students are invited to attend a presentation about the IX edition of the Master in Web Technology and in discussing about the issues they would like to pose to the coordinator. The event will be ...

Call For PhD Students - Doctoral Program in ICT

The Doctoral Program is centered on major topics in Information and Communication Technology with particular emphasis on "pervasive ICT infrastructures" open to national and international students. ...