International Day of Mathematics

Each year all countries will be invited to celebrate the IDM with mathematics activities in schools and with the general public, under a (non mandatory) theme. Announcements of activities worldwide will be posted on the IDM website.

A call was launched to host the website of the International Day of Mathematics, see the IMU AO Circular Letter 20/2018.

To emphasize the importance of mathematics and mathematical education as a tool for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda (SDG1-17) of the United Nations, Open Source material for curriculum enrichment and activities for the public will be made available.

March 14, often written 3/14, is already celebrated in many countries as Pi Day, since

p = 3.141 592 653 589 793 238 462 643 383 279…

Moreover, the date is convenient for all countries around the world.