Seminar Announcement

2024-05-21 Seminario Il giorno martedì 21 Maggio 2024, alle ore 14.30 presso la Sala Seminari "Alan Turing" il Prof. Robbert Jongeling della Mälardalen University(Sweden) terrà il seguente seminario

Flexible Modelling

Canonical software and systems modelling regards only models that conform to modelling languages and that are created in modelling tools. In practice, these models are often supplemented with free-form activities such as sketching and informal diagramming. Flexible modelling has been proposed to benefit from the combination of free-form activities, from relaxed to no conformance to modelling languages, and canonical modelling with more or less strict conformance of diagrammatic elements to modelling languages. In this talk, we discuss dimensions of flexible modelling and mechanisms by which these are achieved. Moreover, we present an overview of industrial settings that motivate flexibility.

Short Bio

Robbert Jongeling is an associate senior lecturer in the Industrial Software Engineering group and the Automated Software Language and Software Engineering group at the department of Innovation, Design, and Engineering (IDT) at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden. In 2022, he defended his PhD thesis on lightweight consistency checking for advancing continuous model-based development in industry. His research focus is on continuous model-based software and systems engineering in complex industrial settings. The majority of his research is done in collaboration with companies within the Software Center initiative in Sweden. You can contact Robbert via e-mail:, or visit  


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