Message to international students of the Master’s Degrees in "Mathematical Engineering" and "Mathematical Modelling"

Dear international students of the Master's Degree in "Mathematical Enginnering" and "Mathematical Modelling"

first of all, welcome in our programs!

First years of these two Master's Degrees have already started their activities on 19 September, with a dedicated scheduling specifically drawn up for the first week of lectures (consisting in an intensive week of “Applied Partial Differential Equations” and “Control Systems” lectures).

All second-year courses and the remaining first-year courses will start on 27 September 2022, according to the timetable available at the link

According to the Rector's note Prot. N. 105855 of 13.09.2022, we pay proper attention to international students waiting for a visa and the management of online teaching is prerogative of the Teaching Board and not delegated to individual professors on a case by case basis.

Therefore, I inform you on the behalf of the Teaching Board (of which I am President) that we are going to proceed as follows: all lectures will take place in presence and, for the first three weeks of the semester (therefore until October 7, 2022), also in live streaming on the public channel of the MS teams that have been created.

After this date, all international students still waiting for a visa will have access to private channels of above MS Teams to guarantee them the possibility to attend all lectures. Updates on this issue will follow at proper time. 

I remain available for any clarification and I wish you a good start!

Best wishes,

Raffaele D'Ambrosio

(President of the Mathematical Engineering teaching board)

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