Agile Architecting seminar by Daniele Spinosi, Micron Technology

In the context of the Software Architectures course, Daniele Spinosi from Micron Technology will provide a seminar on Agile Architecting.

When: Wed 30/11/2022, 9:00 am
Where: Aula Biancofiore, Coppito IWhat: seminar lecture on Agile Architecting

Abstract: The software development landscape has heavily changed in recent years, thanks to the rise of digital transformation. What was once an isolated and linear process is now much more dynamic and interconnected: software product development needs to deal with high uncertainty, the need to adapt quickly to changing requirements and the urgency to deliver value as early as possible. In this seminar we discuss how agile architecting supports the end-to-end value stream delivery to meet the ever-evolving business needs: introducing methods and techniques that improve flexibility to accommodate customer requirements late in the development cycle, minimize the amount of irreversible design decisions and improve delivery speed by allowing concurrent development and frequent release of new features. 

Short bio: Daniele Spinosi is an IT Architect at Micron Technology, a semiconductors company specialized in memory solutions. As part of the Manufacturing IT department, Daniele and his teams develop large-scale Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for fully automated wafer fabrication facilities. His expertise is in the area of Wafer Fab Simulation and Modeling, Industry 4.0, IoT, Cloud and scalability related concerns.


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