Spring Semester 2021-22

The lectures of the Spring semester at the DISIM department will start on February 28th, 2022, and will end on June 9th.
Exam session: it will run from June 13th, 2022 till the end of July.

PLEASE read the DISIM Director's message (the English version is at the end) in https://www.disim.univaq.it/news.php?news_id=292 for information about the organization of the lectures, the participation in presence, the request for online attendance, etc.
The lectures timetables for the various Bachelor and Master Degrees can be found at the following links

Master Degrees

Bachelor Degrees

Most lectures are located at Polo Coppito in classrooms (aule) in

1. the A. Turing building (also known as Blocco 0), where Aula A1.x (x=1,...,7) and Aula A0.4 are;
2. the R. Ricamo building (also known as Coppito 1), where Aula 1.7, Aula Rossa, Lab.HPC, 1.1 and 0.6 are;
3. the A.C. De Meis building (also known as Coppito 2), where Aula C1.9 and Aula C1.10 are.
Each course has an associated team on Microsoft Teams (see the teams codes in the lectures timetables).
Modality of access to the University https://www.univaq.it/news_home.php?id=15674

The App Univaq is available at https://www.univaq.it/news_home.php?id=14799

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