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Course Catalogue - Mathematics and Applications Area

ATTENTION: the course pages published on this site refer to the academic years prior to 2019/2020 , and are here only as an aid to identify the programs of the previous editions of the courses. For the current course catalogue

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Code Name
DT0006 A primer in mechanics (A primer in mechanics)
DT0121 Advanced Algebra (Algebra Superiore)
DT0113 Advanced Analysis (Advanced Analysis )
I0714 Advanced Analysis 1 (Advanced Analysis 1)
F0088 Advanced Analysis 2 (Analisi Superiore 2)
DT0193 Advanced and Software Defined Networks (Advanced and Software Defined Networks)
DT0311 Advanced Communication Networks (Advanced Communication Networks)
I0383 Advanced Computational Methods In Material Science (Advanced computational methods in material science)
I0532 ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEMS (Complementi Di Automatica)
F0976 Advanced English for Computer Science (Inglese Avanzato per Informatici)
DT0117 Advanced Geometry (Geometria Superiore )
DT0230 Advanced Models for Software Engineering (Advanced Models for Software Engineering)
DT0291 Advanced Models for Software Engineering I (Advanced Models for Software Engineering I)
DT0292 Advanced Models for Software Engineering II (Advanced Models for Software Engineering II)
DT0246 Advanced Numerical Analysis (Advanced Numerical Analysis )
I0074 Advanced Numerics For Computational Finance (Advanced numerics for computational finance)
I0075 Advanced Numerics For General Mathematical Modelling Applications (Advanced numerics for general mathematical modelling applications)
F0198 Advanced Project in Software Engineering (Progetto di Ingegneria del Software Avanzata)
DT0289 Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering (Advanced Service-Oriented Software Engineering)
DT0326 Advanced Software Architectures (Advanced Software Architectures)
F0173 Advanced Software Engineering (Ingegneria del Software Avanzata)
DT0383 Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning (Advanced Techniques For Machine Learning)
I0081 Advanced Topics In Fluid Dynamics (Advanced topics in fluid dynamics)
F0070 Agenti Intelligenti  
DT0015 Algebra (Algebra)
F0924 Algebra Concreta (Concrete Algebra)
F0505 Algebra II (Algebra II)
F0505 Algebra II (Algebra II)
F0523 Algebra III (Algebra III)
F0883 Algebra Superiore 2 (Algebra Superiore 2)
I0063 Algorithms And Data Structures (Algorithms and data structures)
F0057 Algorithms for Distributed System (Algoritmi per Sistemi Distribuiti)
F1I025 Algoritmi e Dati Distribuiti (Distributed Algorithms and Data)
F1I012 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati  
F0130 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati con Laboratorio (Algorithms And Data Structures With Laboratory)
F0055 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati II (Algorithms and Data Structures II)
306930 Algoritmi e Strutture Dati II: Tecniche Evolute  
DT0098 An introduction to continuum mechanics (An introduction to continuum mechanics)
F0175 Analisi e Testing di Sistemi a Componenti  
I0646 Analisi Ed Elaborazione Dei Segnali (Analysis and Processing of Signals)
DT0002 Analisi Matematica (Mathematical Analysis)
DT0014 Analisi Matematica A (Mathematical Analysis A)
F0058 Analisi Matematica B (Analisi Matematica B)
DT0020 Analisi Matematica B (Mathematical Analysis B)
DT0023 Analisi Matematica C (Mathematical Analysis C)
F0037 Analisi Matematica I (Analisi Matematica I)
F0037 Analisi Matematica I (Mathematical Analysis I)
I0195 Analisi Matematica I (Mathematical Analysis I)
I0201 Analisi Matematica II (Mathematical Analysis II)
F0058 Analisi Matematica II (Mathematical Analysis II)