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[info]Archived News

Novantel SrL: annuncio di lavoro per Ing. delle telecomunicazioni

Annuncio di lavoro Supporto per la progettazione e sviluppo dei sistemi satellitari terrestri Novantel S.r.l. Sede Zona industriale Bazzano Tipo contratto Tirocinio/Stage post-laurea Data Pubblicazione 03/06/2020 Settore comunicazioni e telecomunicazioni Posizione assistente Sede Zona industriale Bazzano Tipo contratto Tirocinio/Stage post-laurea Settore comunicazioni e telecomunicazioni Area aziendale engineering e progettazione Caratteristiche del candidato Requisiti tecnici e conoscenze informatiche linguaggi di programmazione, database, sistemi di comunicazione satellitare Lingue straniere richieste E' richiesta la conoscenza delle seguenti lingue Inglese: buono (B2-C1) Titolo di studio Laurea Magistrale/ciclo Unico...

Collaborative Model Driven Engineering: a study on collaborative model-driven engineering tools

A Master thesis is available on the following topic. Please refer to the attached document for more information. Collaborative software engineering (CoSE) deals with methods, processes and tools for enhancing collaboration, communication, and coordination (3C) among team members. CoSE can be applied to different artifacts towards the engineering of software systems. When focusing on software design, considered to be one of the key aspects of software engineering [7] , multiple stakeholders with different technical knowledge and background collaborate on the system design. In the context of CoSE, our definition of collaborative MDSE approach is a method or technique in which multiple stakeholders manage, collaborate, and are aware of each others’ work on a set of shared models. A...
Tipologia: Master Thesis
Argomento: Model Driven Engineering, study with practitioners, collaborative tools

Machine learning-driven Context-aware service discovery for Microservice architectures

A Master thesis is available on the following topic, in collaboration with the Linnaeus University, Sweden and the Gran Sasso Science Institute. Please refer to the attached document for more information. "Service Discovery is achieved in traditional systems using technologies like Apache Zookeeper, Netflix Eureka, etc. These approaches often use a greedy strategy for selecting the instance in which they select the instance that best satisfies the properties requested by the client/applications. However, these approaches do not take into account the context of the client/application or that of the running instances. They also do not take into account the expected QoS of the instances. Towards this direction, we have developed a machine learning-driven context-aware service...
Tipologia: Master Thesis
Argomento: Service Discovery, Machine Learning, QoS

Offerta di lavoro su Roma

Azienda che si occupa di strumenti di analisi di laboratorio chimico (con sede in Roma) cerca un laureando o laureato magistrale in Informatica o Ingegneria Informatica da impiegare sul seguente progetto, con un contratto iniziale a progetto con possibilità di assunzione a tempo indeterminato. Nome del progetto: Software per strumento di laboratorio di chimica.  Descrizione del progetto: Il progetto, molto ambizioso nel suo genere, consiste in una piattaforma hardware e software proprietaria per la generazione di idrogeno.La progettazione, sia dell’hardware che del software, è stata realizzata da personale esperto con più di 30 anni di esperienza nel settore.  Responsabilità del candidato: Interagire con l’azienda al fine di...
Riferimento accademico: Prof. Vittorio Cortellessa
Contatto aziendale: Ing. Antonio Mauro

Course Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions (Integrato)

an additional office hours session will be held until the end of the academic year on Friday at 9.30-12.30 on Teams Platform. Students interested are required to email the professor in advance to have access to the session.


Course Financial Data Analytics and Investment Data Driven Decisions (Integrato)

Today lessons complete the course. Students who did not attend the course and are willing to give the exam, having regularly enrolled for it at the Registar, are urged to contact the instructor in view of their installing on their own computer of a free licence of the programming language Gauss of Aptech, necessary to give the written/practice examination. 

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Armundia Group s.r.l.

C++ Software Developer/Test Engineer Armundia Group is a company specializing in the design, supply and implementation of IT solutions as well as the provision of specialist consultancy services for the banking, financial and insurance sector. With offices based in Rome, Milan, Florence and L’Aquila, the Armundia Group benefits from a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals producing high-level solutions which employ the latest cutting-edge technologies securely, efficiently and reliably. Today, Armundia Group is an international reality and continues to grow with projects and consultancy in seven countries spread over two continents and has implemented its solutions into more than 70 financial and insurance institutions. The group controls Armundia srl, which is...
Riferimento accademico: Giovanni De Gasperis
Contatto aziendale: recruitmentatarmundiagroupdotcom

Disponibilità di tesi di laurea e laurea magistrale nel campo della robotica cognitiva

Dr. Eng. Giovanni De Gasperis is available as thesis supervisor and master's degree in Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering on topics in the field of cognitive robotics.

He is also available as a university reference person for training internships in ICT at companies and public administrations in the area of L'Aquila.

Interested students are invited to contact the teacher via email, or calling 0862 434457.