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Attenzione: questa notizia era valida fino al 26/07/2019. Attualmente è archiviata, quindi il suo contenuto potrebbe non essere più valido

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Results test B2 Prof. Marottoli

Results Test B2 19th July 2019 for  Computer science, Information Engineering, Automation and Telecommunications Engineering. Minimum score accepted: 70

Computer Science: 259176/65,   247152/45, Di Febo Alessio/80, 249713/31, 244309/56, 246795/72, 248798/32.

Information Engineering: 255562/61, 244161/70, 244341/80, 260143/77, 262529/64, 241586/81.

The oral will be held next 24th July 19 at 10,30 Class A0.4.